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Downloading software is cheaper in the US, how irritating.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Once again, we Australians are getting ripped off by retailers. I typed map updates for garmin into google and get taken to the US website. NO problem, choose the map for my GPS and it give me the option of a lifetime update for USD149. Add to cart and go check out, only ships to US addresses (even though its a download). So I head to the aussie web site for garmin, and whadda you know, its AUD189.. WTF, its a download, why more expensive here?

  2. Double the price so that they can change a few words like 'color>colour'.
  3. They double the friggen price because we're suckers, and what're we going to do about it? We live on the other side of the world. You're going to buy somebody else's stuff? That's fine - see if they charge any less. We don't matter.
  4. It has further to travel to reach Aus from USA is what they will tell you as such more expensive
  5. I sent them off a nasty email.

    Mate of mine has a sister in the US, so I registered a new gmail account, and I will create a garmin account using her address. Fark em'.

    Will also allow me to purchase other software cheaper in the US too.
  6. Quite a few complex reasons that go far beyond "we are getting ripped off"

    The company has to base it's price on a future prediction of sales. They say we have sold X units and we expect 40% of those units to purchase a map upgrade. Because fewer people buy the unit here. The amount of sales needed in the Australian market to make back the cost of producing the map is not as easily and achievable.
    Second, We simply don't have the consumer market the Americans do. Things are worth more in the Australian market. If you want things as cheap as in America, we will need to take the whole American economy. And in reality, we will end up worse off, and things wont really be cheaper.
    There are also other market factors that people have tried to explain to me that I don't fully understand.
  7. Aussie companys can charge what they like, and stuff the consumer, You will pay whatever they want to charge you,

    My ski's were made in Austria, Sent to the USA and then shipped from Utah in the USA to Melbourne, Australia.

    I bought them RETAIL from the USA, in my hand 5 days later and sent from Utah In the USA, including Bindings, Top of the range mind you, for both.

    $750-00 AUD included $100-00 AUD Air postage, Delivered,

    So the ski's and bindings were a total of $650-00 AUD, Retail. Delivered.

    Local, $1200-00 was the cheapest here, Just for the ski's, bindings were another $400 to $500 on top of that, =$1600-00 AUD.

    Another local ski place, $1800-00 for the ski's, $500 to $600 for the bindings,

    Here they come direct from Austria.

    Now tell me why the huge price difference.

    It also cost me $2-50 from the bank to verify that it was me that was using the credit card to pay for them over the phone., Which I didnt mind as it was a security thing to protect me from illegal use of my card.
  8. something that shit's me to no end. Was going to grab a copy of win7 from it's not cheating, $120 if your email is for an aussie uni, $30 for a us email. what in ****S name?

    otoh, through my employers home use license I managed to get office 2010 plus with visio for $30, and a friend that's on exchange atm is going to let me borrow his US email address so I can buy it for sfa. but yeah, software licensing is a joke in australia
  9. TRA's not talking about Apples vs Oranges here, comparing the US price for a US map against the Australian price for an Australian map. TRA's talking Apples vs Apples.

    TRA's talking about how it costs an American $150USD to buy an electronic Australia map, versus an Australian buying the very same electronic Australia map for >$189USD.

    The issue is slightly confounded by TRA wanting a 'lifetime' (perpetually updated for the lifetime of that specific GPS unit) map in this case, but the same price mismatch exists for individual map purchases.

    I have to say that I feel for you, TRA. I play videogames a bit and I'm becoming increasingly enraged that the digital download price for most games on Steam et al is $90AUD vs $40USD because the publisher doesn't want to offend the Australian physical-copy importer, distributor and retail stores. The solution, of course, is to get an American or UK friend to 'gift' a US/UK copy at the US/UK price and reimburse them through some other means, but it really shouldn't be like that.
  10. didn't ACCC get on Apple's case recently about iTunes prices? Apple adjusted the itunes price to reflect the better exchange rate but I think they're still more expensive than the US downloads
  11. Thats bullshit. Its the EXACT same product, sold of the EXACT same server where the price is adjusted based on the drop down box that contains your location. There is NO excuse for it.
  12. These would the prices that are set by the recording companies? If you have a beef, take it up with the publishers (both books and records). They're the ones who are screwing us over.

    And Apple didn't react to the ACCC (which didn't take any action at all). They adjusted the pricing for apps across many regions at the same time. And in some countries the cost went up.

    The problem is that in Australia we have an entrenched distribution system that doesn't want to deal with the digital World and the increasing sophistication of the market place. They seriously expect everyone to just pay.

    There was an article in The Age from Asher Moses today. He's labelled both a fanboi and a hater of Apple products. The basic headline was 'Rippoffs pull Apple Head for the shadows' and then went on to list the price discrepancy on Apple products. But the actual article went into detail and the most egregious examples were from Adobe. Yet Adobe didn't get a mention in the headline at all. The Apple hardware products were almost a shining example of price parity, especially when compared to Lenovo etc...But then that doesn't get the haters clicking, does it?
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    You're in a rather testy mood today Cliff? ;)
  14. Ooops! I will try to calm down!
  15. GPS software is one of the very, VERY few situations where a higher cost here is probably justifiable.

    Regarding pricing on hardware and shit like that, it's always going to be a bit higher here. Due to what I used to do for a living, I can give you an informed comment on Apple hardware:

    Apple hardware is currently 10-20% more expensive here than the prices in the US, depending on the product. The prices in the US -do not- include tax, whereas they do here. That narrows the gap considerably. THen when you consider the cost of running Apple Australia, with AppleCare being run out of Brisbane (not India), so on so forth, I think it's understandable, especially with minimum wage here being 2x what it is in the US.

    Sucks, but that's life.

    The cockmongers like Adobe and such gouging on non-localized software downloads, however, are absolute assholes and I hope they all die while their enemies laugh.