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Downhill obstacles

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Ushario, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Over this weekend I was riding a 200CC dirt-bike, a yamoto I think.
    I rode it around on dirt and grass, some of which was a bit rocky, I didn't have a stack even! :LOL:

    At one point though I had a brown pants moment, coming down a slope on an angle so that I could get the best approach through a small dip I touched the rear brake. Instant sideways. This was on the grass...

    So how do you handle odd approaches to obstacles like this (slow speed, downhill, travelling at an angle). Should I just gear down or front brake?

    I know its not on the road, but after seeing the "Brown"(?) I'm a bit worried about dropping my first bike on a bit of windy tarmac....
  2. That's standard procedure going across a steep hill on a loose surface. Front will wash out big time, and rear will just slide out. Get your weight back, use engine braking and ride the rear brake a little, and the front brake a little. Slip the clutch and release the rear brake when things get out of shape, just try not to pick up too much speed while you're doing it, or it turns ugly really quickly. :LOL:

    The other thing is that this shows you is that so far you've got limited feel for the back brake with your foot. That's the only lesson you should take over onto your road bike. Instant sideways on bitumen could mean instant highside.
  3. Slip the clutch when you lose traction??

    Won't that be dangerous if there is suddenly grip and you've clutched in i.e going into a highside.
  4. We're talking about slipping the clutch while going down a loose surfaced hill at less than 10km's/ hour. It's about control, which you don't have when your rear wheel is sliding. A highside isnt really on the cards. At all.
  5. oh ok.

    10 km/h :) thanks

    I should go get more experience on dirt then
  6. plus turning downhill on a made road is gonna be very different to loose dirt/grass. you've got ALOT more grip on the road, the rear wont slip out like that unless you lock the rear and hold it locked. on grass it just kicks out easy :grin:
  7. Damn straight it did! :LOL:
    Ah well, I know that I didn't have much feel for the rear brake on that thing, especially considering I was wearing steel cap boots that really aren't made for it...

    Thanks for the replies, sounds like its practice and confidence :grin: