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Downgrading to a bike you actually get to ride. Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Birdy, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. 12 months on an 07 Fireblade has taught me that I really don't use the thing how it's designed to be used. Hardly need to change gears on the road, feel lazy, on the twisties always feel like your riding prowess is cramping the bike's style. After 20,000kms, Learned heaps. Chicken strips gone, practiced technique heaps. But I commute on it more than ride the twisties. SO, since I'm getting a mortgage this year, and a better car, I thought, lets downgrade to a bike cheaper to run, maintain and insure, still commute with but still be able to enjoy the riding of a sports bike.

    The best part about riding a sports bike is getting better with your technique every time you ride it.

    Thinking along the lines of a $7k to $9k older CBR600 or an old daytona 600. Thinking about an older speed triple. And even wondering if there are any 250s worth enjoying without feeling like you're so underpowered.

    Anybody else done the downgrade? What would you suggest?



  2. bandit 1200. cheap to run (except tyres and chains), last forever and depreciate little (the biggest costs) heaps of fun and extremely practical.
  3. im converting from a r6 to a cruiser :)
  4. FZ6, great upright position for commuting, and still be able to hook in when you want.
    300kms + per tank (commuting), a fantastic allrounder and you should find a secondhand recent model in your price range.
  5. U back Caz, u been mia, everything ok? :)
  6. Given your description I'd be looking at a mid capacity naked or SM. I think the Bandit, while a great bike, is probably a bit on the "lazy" side too.
  7. That FZ6R looks interesting..

    There mustn't be much of the FZ6 around, haven't heard of it much although it seems like the perfect commute bike that's also good for scratching on the weekends.... is a bike that claims that too good to be true?

    Looks like it cold suit my needs to a tee..
  8. a slow bike is more fun to ride quickly then a faster bike slowly imo.....i am in the process of heading back to the 650 twin range, but geez i know i am going to miss the grunt on exit to turns:cry:
  9. maybe there is a reason why you haven't heard much about it. Neutered R6 engine so peaky and no top end.

    Keep looking.

    Older sport bikes would be the go cheap as really for what you get. cbr R6 ninja 636 all good value.
  10. any proper SM and Cheap dont go together hehe trust me ive had a couple ;)

    mid size naked, yeah but personally i couldnt stand going back to a midsize i hate the revvyness and lack or torque.

    If you call socket lengthening torque and whoolie fun whilst being able to get 100 thou plus on the odo lazy... then sign me up for being lazy. bandits rock you need to get yourself on one.
  11. Sadly, This was my opinion on test rides too.....
  12. Softard maybe. Big trailie with sticky tyres. Lots of fun to commute on and great on tight twistery without risking your licence too much.

    Or maybe a Weestrom if you can live with the looks. SVesque motor, but more practical for commuting. Or an actual SV of course, if you must have a sport(ish) bike.
  13. 250's? You could always go a 250 stroker like the Aprilia RS250, Honda NSR250 or Suzuki RGV250 . Only problem is that many have been abused and its getting ahrder to find one in good condition. That, and the maintenance costs aren't the best - top ends every 12,500km might get on your nerves if you commute.

    Definite vote here for an older 600/750 or motard. Try a few and see what takes your fancy. Big ups for the Suzuki DRZ400, brilliant around town and useful on the highway as well once you fit a rear sprocket with about 5 fewer teeth on it.

    Could always get a BMW 800 thats a few years old. Might be a bit more expensive but they run on the smell of an oily rag (4L/100km), ditto the 650 singles. Stump pulling torque and good chassis design too.

    Cheers - boingk
  14. Had a lot on my plate of late. All good though, apart from working 6 days a week and no chance of holidays for a while yet :-(
  15. You just can't stop with the Bandits can ya!? Even after the Buell!? :p

    I think a naked or semi-faired twin with slightly shortened gearing is worth thinking about....a TRX, SV650, ER6, that kind of thing. The latter two while newer will need some money spent on suspenders and brakes though.