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Downed Ducati in Nth Sydney ! . . . rider missing !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, May 18, 2006.

  1. I just walked out of the office for a mid morning coffee at a cafe downstairs and there parked on the corner of my building is a Ducati 748 looking very sick !!

    Scratches on the fairing, broken mirror, indicators and dented tank.

    No sign of the rider though !! . . . I hope he/she is okay !

    The bike is leaning against the building, and sad to say - this admirable bike is easy pickings !!!

    I feel like going down there and putting my disk lock and D-lock on it and leave my details on it.

    Its on the corner of Walker and Pacific Hwy !
  2. if it is there for fiew days... call up the RTA?? tell them about the bike and see if you can get in contact with the rider... A) he/she will be pleased some one is looking out for their ride 8) you could be lucky and they might tell you they never want to see the bike again and sign it over to you (yes it has happened b4)
  3. I've taken pics of it with the camera phone.
    I'll post it up when I get home tonight.
    With no sign of the rider, I have to assume he is at RNS hosp. getting himself looked at.

    Wrecked Duc's make baby jesus cry.
    . . . say it with a Rod Flanders voice ! :grin:
  4. That's just down the street from my office. I'll go have a look at lunch time.

    Oh, first post. Hi everyone :)
  5. Could also be stolen. May pay to ring the coppers and query it.
  6. definitely put a lock on it and call the police to enquire.

    I'd be very grateful if someone respected my property enough to look after it in my absence rather than trying to make a buck from it.

    EDIT: hehe, putting your disk lock on someone elses bike. Maybe the guy who put his on your bike thought you'd abandoned it, lol
  7. i agree locking and call the cops
  8. Maybe the owner got the shits with the gutless heap of shit and threw it away.
  9. Dented tank; may be it's a statutory write off now.
  10. Great idea, exept that no Ducati will still be there, damaged or not, if you leave it parked on the street in North Sydney overnight.

    Then there's the fact that the RTA aren't going to give you anyone's details just because you ask for them, they'll suggest you tell the police.
  11. Yeah, I'd do the guy a favour and take it off his hands if I were you. He's more than enough to worry about without having to think about his broken bike...

    Nah, seriously, I'd call the cops and keep an eye on it...
  12. Sounds like he got sick of the clutch rattling and decided to walk. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. First, somebody put a disk lock on your bike; then you found an abandoned Ducati. What's next MickyB?? :cool:
  14. Having owned a few Italian bikes I can tell you exactly what's happened here.

    The rider has had an irritating electrical problem, first the bike would not start, then when it did the indicators did not funtion. Then when he got the indicators working the headlight and rear light refused to work. When he fixed that and pressed the start button, once again the bike refused to start, and now nothing at all electrical worked! :evil:

    In a fit of rage he kicked seven shades of shite out of the Ducati, threw it against the nearest wall and walked off in disgust. :twisted:

    This scenario will seem perfectly reasonable to anyone who has previously owned a Ducati. :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Hey welcome, lythari, I noticed :grin:
  16. Danté where are you !
    I have the downed Duc pics to host ! :grin:

    The pics really shows how it was out of the ordinary seeing a lone bike on a busy Sydney intersection. :eek:
  17. here it is . . .



    Jaqhamma, you could be right !
    It may have been electrical problems with the removed rear section !
    The rider got the shits . . . :furious:
    Dropped the bike scratching the fairing and cracking sheild and losing indicators . . . . :LOL:
  18. Yes, that looks like it could be a relatively expensive repair job...

    Never a good sign when there is a combination of scrapes and the tail piece is detached.