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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cookie, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. hi guys

    i've done a fair bit of track training in cars, and hence i always heel and toe my down changes.
    i have been blipping the throttle on down changes on the bike, however i can't brake at the same time. it's not smooth at all, i seem to be increasing brake pressure as i attempt to blip the throttle. Does anyone have any little tricks or techniques to help me get used to it?

    main reason i ask is that i compression locked the rear in the wet the other day. although not badly, it made me a little nervous about down changing in the wet.


  2. How many fingers do you use to brake with? Try 1 or 2.
    Is the leaver adjustable? Bring it closer if you can.
  3. I use all 4 fingers. i'll give that a go. i really don't want to get into any bad habits

  4. Who said its a bad habbit?
    If it gives you more control you're riding safer.
    You probably have plenty anyway :LOL: :LOL: :wink:
  5. You could just be botching it up and need practice, but try gripping more with your thighs/knees and holding your gut tighter under braking. You can loosen up on the bars a bit then, and concentrate on being smooth with everything rather then clenching at it.
  6. I went for a ride last night and it was sortof getting better. i think practice is the key, but a looser grip was definately helping. I was trying to do it with 4 fingers on the brake and rolling my thumb to get some revs on, seemed to work a bit better.

  7. To "blip the throttle" your hand must have some flexibility as well as control.
    The finger tips should be used on the brake, not a full grip. This creates a "bridge" with your fingers, giving your hand the flexibilty to rotate the throttle, which only needs to be held only by your palm and thumb.
    I wouldn't worry about one or two finger braking, as the more fingers you use the better feedback and control you have.
  8. The way I blip is to hold the throttle with thumb and index finger for control and the other three (sometimes two, sometimes one) hold the brake with constant pressure and "slide" over the lever.

    I will also use above for covering in built up and busy areas as it give a quick response either way.

    Just my 2c
  9. grip the throttle with your palm and your thumb, use 4 fingers on your brakes. i personally find it much easier and more effective to use 4 fingers on the front lever. use the tips of your fingers on the lever so they can extend without affecting your lever pressue when you are blipping the throttle.
    if you can do it on a car, you can do it on a bike, just takes a bit more dexterity and practise.
  10. I use 4 fingers on the brake and "blip" with the base of my thumb and palm. It is all about practice and being smooth, like most things in riding/driving.

    I found it way easier to learn to blip on down change on the bike than in the car. obviously my feet aren’t as coordinated as my hands.
  11. 1 finger on clutch, 1 on frnt brake.

    none of this 4 finger business. thats just stupid. :shock:
  12. Tell Rossi that. :LOL:

    I'm a one finger guy too, but that little homo Italian seems to go ok.
  13. if i tried to use one finger on the firestorms brakes it wouldnt stop...
  14. As already has been said, I use two fingers most of the time and roll my palm a little bit on the throttle.
  15. 1 finger on the hornets brakes are just fine...............................mind you, my social finger looks like arnie's biceps on 'roids....nuthin like gym work to build 'em up. :LOL:
  16. Just one thing to keep in mind 'Cookie', and I dont know if it applies to you or not as you dont say.......
    If you have yet to do your MOST test for your full license there is every chance that......the testing officer will deduct one point from you every time he sees you/or doesnt see you use the 'official' practice for braking/set-up/Blips on downgearing........which is 4 fingers on the brake and thumb and palm on the throttle.
    Practice, practice mate, to do it right.........as has been said, make sure your brake lever has that little bit of play in it enabling you to bring it closer.......and use 4 fingertips, maybe up a lil' closer to the hinge area of the lever.
  17. Is that so :?: I'd like to see proof :shock:
  18. Don't know your experience so this may or may not apply ... it could just be that your down changing just alittle too early ... getting to know ya bike will help ... another thing is how much throttle play is there ?? ... if the throttle is closed when your using the front brake ... and if there is too much throttle play then anyone would have trouble blipping it ...

  19. there is a little bit of play in the throttle, probably nothing out of the ordinary, but i think i would prefer it with absolute zero play. is it easy to adjust on a cbr?

  20. Minor adjust is simply done by adjusting the "adjustor" up by the throttle ... the user manual will show you how (remember to tighten teh locking nut) ... my manual recommends a 2 to 4mm play ... probably to guarantee throttle closer if the cables are bent ... you should follow the guidelines in your user manual unless you know better :wink: ... I like as little play as possible so I've set mine to 2mm.