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Down the Barry Way, Jindabyne NSW to Bruthen VIC (Pics)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by cjvfr, Jan 20, 2007.

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    Some spectacular scenery can be sampled with some easy dirt riding on the route from Jindabyne in NSW. This follows the Snowy river along some of its route and is well worth the effort. We organised our riding to split the trip over two days with an overnight camp stop at Suggan Buggan.

    Suggan Buggan is a nice spot to stop overnight and talk bike stuff but there are no supplies or fuel there so take your supplies in with you. The Jindabyne supermarket and the bakery in the same shopping complex are a good stop before starting down the route. You will need a fuel range of about 180kms although fuel of "unknown" quality can be found at the Seldom Seen roadhouse on the Victorian side about 100 - 120k from Jindabyne. This road house is probably worth a stop for the weird and wild decorations and sculptures that festoon it. Unfortunately we were pushing on to Wilsons Prom that day so didn't have time.

    Day 1 - Jindabyne to Suggan Buggan

    The run in from Jindabyne starts with fairly fast flowing tarmac climbing gradually past farmland. Light traffic on the day we went in but keep an eye out for farm machinery and stray cattle. About 30kms in this goes to dirt and continues to climb and start switchbacks.


    The road winds around above tributaries of the Snowy with high drops off the edge if you are not careful. No logging trucks as this is all National Park but keep an eye out for four wheel drivers.


    Eventually you start to run parallel with the Snowy rivers valley. This is probably the most picturesque area of the trip.


    Here's Me, didn't break the camera, I'm surprised :)


    The Snowy near the Victorian Border


    Once you cross the border the road curves away from the Snowy and after a bit more dirt you reach Suggan Buggan. Our camp for the night.
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    Day 2 - Suggan Buggan to Bruthen and beyond.

    Our overnight camp site


    We stopped at Suggan Buggan overnight, this campsite has picnic tables and toilets. Fireplaces as well although it was total fire ban when we were there so no fires unfortunately. National Park so the rule is take your rubbish out with you. Great little river to get water from and soak your feet after a hot day on the bike.


    Our camp setup.


    Then a sumptuous meal of Dips, Turkish bread, cheeses. Damn, next time have to bring some wine for a bit more civilisation. Great place to talk and tell stories, exaggerations and lies. The site was quiet with only the sound of the river. Later that night farmer brown started a big water pump which shattered the silence for a while but all in all a pleasant spot.

    The next day pack the campsite and onto the bike. From the Suggan Buggan camp site the road climbs up in a series of curves around the hills. Big drop off the edge so take care. The road is in good condition firm and well packed with few pot holes and ridges. You continue to climb as you wind you way around the hills.


    The views over the nearby hills are awe inspiring.


    And behind you you can see the road that you have just wound your way up gradually.


    Not much further on and you reach the Seldom Seen road house and after that the road gets busier, watch out for more tourists in this area coming around blind corners on your side of the road. Whoops Underwear changing time ;)

    After that the road goes back to some entertaining tarmac which winds through green farmland, no drought in these valleys. Eventually it straightens out and you get a fairly sweeping run down into Bruthen.


    A trip I will always remember and well recommended. Great fun and I didn't think about work once while I was away. :) I recommend it as a route that gets you away from civilisation.

    From Bruthen we headed on down to Wilsons Prom but thats an entirely different story.
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  3. nice roads around jindi eh? ;)
  4. Motorcycle Heaven

    Its Motorcycle heaven up around that way Joel. Full of twisty fun bits. The Barry way was a slower ride because of the dirt but fun none the less. :)
  5. i know, i make them roads :grin:
  6. All hail the mighty Joel. ;) Road builder to the motorcycle fraternity. :applause:
    That must give you a good sense of acheivement, perhaps not when you are at work but when you have the CBR out thats a different story.
  7. This is listed as a "popular thread right now," even with only 5 replies?? Nearly 9 years ago cjvfrcjvfr, have you done the same trip since? Great write up BTW.
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  8. Hi Ned,

    No I haven't done it since. Don't know why it has gone to popular. I notice the links to the images are all broken, I will have a go at fixing them up.
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  9. I agree, great ride report ChrisChris! A pity the linked photos are no longer online but nine years is a long time for web file hosting.
  10. Fixed :) I still had the original pics in my collection. It has been a bit of a nostalgia thing for me fixing it up. I remember that trip well. Great fun even though it was mainly dirt in that part the scenery is fantastic.
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  11. The dirt roads looked to be in quite good condition, but who knows how they are now? Perhaps a re-run of that trip could be on the cards Chris? Did I spot you sporting the same jacket you still have today?? Great job resurrecting the pics too (y)
  12. Yep same jacket :) It was a lot newer in those days but it has lasted me well. Tiger Angel quality, tough as old boots.

    Yes when the weather improves it may be worth a trip. I wouldn't mind making the deviation over McKillops Bridge and linking into the Bonang as an option as well.
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  13. Never have I seen this occur before, ever! Thanks very much for taking the time to re-link them, the scenery therein is marvellous. A good example of road bikes and riders being capable on the dirt roads too.
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  14. For those interested, there is the 'Cold Flame Rally' held in March at the 'Pinch River campground' down on the Barry Way.
    Might give someone a destination for a ride to check the area out, McKillopps bridge is also worth a look.
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  15. Doable on a road bike,BUT,check the weather.Not fun in the wet
  16. I did this exact route in reverse in late April this year, but in a Nissan Patrol :( Sad face aside, when i did it the roads where pretty wet and i was happy to have four wheels instead of two. Pretty bad corrugations and potholes from the border through till the asphalt on the NSW side. And pretty windy and narrow dropping down into/climbing up from Suggan Buggan in Vic. That said i would do it on a road bike in the dry but some of it would be pretty slow going
    We camped at the Willis campground which is pretty well right on the border beside the Snowy, ace spot, even if there was about three school groups there at the same time as us :finger:

    It's a fantastic drive and gorgeous country, i haven't stopped raving about it since we did it. Highly recommended if you get the chance. Screw that, put this one on the make time for it list, not the if i get time list(y)(y):snaphappy:
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  17. We did it coming home from the first Philip Island Gp.Day 1 was fine and then it rained.Never got out of 1st gear after that and how we didnt end upside down still surprises me.That was my mate on an ex cop K100 and me on my Laverda. Road rubber and wet greasy slop don't mix
  18. mtns bike3.

    We did this route last year in April and it had rained the night before. The road was rough, washed out, potholed and wet! Did it from the Buchan end.

    mtns bike.

    mtns bike 4.
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  19. Thanks caz64caz64 you have travelled the road far more recently than I have. Yes I would consider it a dry weather road. Sad that it has deteriorated perhaps it is due for grading this year.
  20. Hope so! It was a hairy ride!! Have to watch out not only for 4wd but horses as well. Also saw a bus .... how the hell it got there I have no idea