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Down but not out

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by tim, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Not a vent as such, just a experience I hope to avoid happening again.

    On 24/12 last year I was riding with friends (I was leading) heading from Poweltown to Noojee. Came around a bend to find a Honda Civic on my side of the road. Only options were a direct head on or me going off the side of the road, I took the 2nd option. Went over the edge of the road, managed to stay on the bike for the first 20 feet or so until the front wheel hit a mound of dirt and then I was flying through the air. Bike ended upside down leaning against 2 trees, about 15 feet down the hill from the road, with me going a further 15 feet down the hill.

    I landed on the back right side of my head at about 70 k's, giving me a compressed spinal fracture at T8, cracked ribs and a mild concussion. I was able to climb back up the hill by myself but couldn't stand straight up. I did pass out for a short time as I was rolling down the hill but came to pretty much straight away once I stopped rolling.

    Car failed to stop and my riding buddies did not get the rego as they were more concerned about my welfare. As such insurance company has found me to be at fault and I have lost one rating. However insurance has been paid out with no other hassles.

    This was on my K8 gsxr1000, which is now at pickles awaiting a auction.

    I was back on a bike less than a week later, I pulled my old K1 gsxr1000 out from the garden, gave it a service and have it back on the road. Had to go back to doctors for a check up and rode, he wasn't impressed but said he'd let me ride if I got rid of the back pack, so I've gone back to a tank bag, which I hate. :)

    Doc has told me that if I want to heal quickly, then lie down for 6 weeks or continue to live life and wait 4-6 months for it to get better. It's been nearly 3 1/2 months now and the back is definitely improving but sitting down for anymore than 15-30 minutes is a chore. That includes being in a car or on a bike. It takes me approx 35 minutes to ride to work and that is hard. A car would be around an hour so that is not an option for me at present.

    My thanks go to SammyA and MattieP for their support at the crash scene and since. I was very happy you guys were there for me at the time.

    Best part was I was out of hospital on the same day so got to spend Xmas with my (now ex) partner.. I really did not want to be in hospital on Xmas day.
  2. you rode a week after a spinal injury and cracked ribs? give that man the Barry Sheene Ironman Award :shock:
  3. jezzzus you are a lucky man.

    Out of curiosity, how did an insurance company find you at fault when there were multiple witnesses?
  4. Thats criminal.
    Why do motorcyclists have to be dead to be right?
  5. That's pretty standard if you can't provide the details of the other vehicle involved as the insurance company can't recover the costs from the other party.
  6. #6 minglis, Mar 8, 2011
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    I recon insurance companies should offer a discount if you have a camera on your bike. Pity no-one could find the basTURD in the cage. Balls of steel getting back on In < 1 week.
  7. In NSW you'd be charged with neg driving too. Next time, hit the car, you might be dead but at least you won't be fvcked over by govt/insurance!
    Good luck with your ongoing recovery.
  8. Congratulations 'THE GREAT ESCAPE' well done and best of luck with the rest
  9. Gives them a chance to raise the CTP instead ](*,)
  10. Wow, awful stuff!!

    Really glad you're still able to post this and ride the bike etc. Hope doc gives you the all okay soon :)
  11. This is correct. Insurance company will put you at fault when the other party can not be identified. I argued this for a while with them but didn't get anywhere. ](*,)](*,)](*,)

    Thanks for the happy thoughts too...

    and if you're after a track bike, my bike has new front discs and pads, new chain and sprockets and was recently serviced. Most damage was cosmetic but I would get the front forks checked even though they don't look bent.. Bike is at pickles if you're interested. I have no further claim on the bike and it makes no difference to me if it sells or not at auction.
  12. Ouch Tim!
    My partner had a compress fracture of her L2 vertebrate around 10 years ago, so I know something of the recovery period. She didn't have a choice but go the "6 weeks on your back" option, but these days she moves quite freely and only gets an ache if she's on her feet for extended periods.
    Here's to your full recovery.
  13. Jesus mate - that's a shitty way to end a ride :( I've had a few close calls on Mc Carr's creek road with ****heads like that usually doing it to try and apex corners. I don't understand why these idiots risk it - if there is a truck coming around the corner they're going to die. Why do they do it just for the sake of carrying 15-20kmph more around a corner?
  14. How you do'n?
  15. Worst part was we were only about an hour (and a half maybe) into what was probably going to end up being a bit over 4ish hours in total with a run up and down Baw-Baw, Icy Creek Road and a few other places.

    Can't tell you want a relief it was to see him sit up when we called his name. All I'd seen as I came around the corner was Tim flying upside down already over the side and the bike nowhere to be seen.

    Not fun ...
  16. Recovery is slow... I struggle to do more than 30 minutes travelling whether it be by bike or car.. Head checks do hurt but are still done. Compression fracture is between the shoulder blades so fairly high up the spine. If it has to be anywhere, high up I think is better than low down the spine.

    As long as I keep moving everything is mostly good. I do have times where I feel almost no pain at all, but then forget about injury and do something like twisting in my work chair, which brings the pain back very quickly.

    Coughing and sneezing will bring me to my knees though...

    Injury is healing according to doctor, just need to give it some more time and it is so much better than it was a month ago.

    Thanks for asking :) :)
  17. It's good to hear you are on the road to recovery, I prescribe more nanna naps!

    In other news I think I need to work on my internet flirting skills :p
  18. all good Holster.. Both of your posts made me smile and for that Thank you.