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Down and Out

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by shabby, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Well after a great day at black spur riding damn fast i head home, get to Emerald and its raining so thats it i'm slowing right down.
    5km's from home coming out of a corner behind cars under the speed limit i give the throttle a bit and down goes the front.
    90kph the bike slid down the wet greasy road!
    Bike should be a right of and i get the drug whistle and 6 hours in hospital.
    Knees stuffed, ribs stuffed, right shoulder stuffed, right clavical stuffed and neck yeap stuffed. Glad i use bike jacket and stuffed.

    I think its time to give up the bikes, but then i'll think about that once i can move again.

  2. sorry to hear it shabby. wish you a full & quick recovery.
  3. bad luck mate :cry: sorry to hear it , just goes to show the grip factor is a mystery you never know when its there or not , hope things get better for you :wink:
  4. OMG Shabby
    i am so sorry to hear of your accident
    i hope you feel a bit better soon and i am relieved that you are alive to talk about it ,
  5. Shit that sucks - this is what frightens me to death about having a bike. Were you going anything other than just riding home?

    When you said gavce it some throttle, do you mean enough to accelerate, or your floored it?

    90kmh did you hit something? or just sliding on the road caused this damage?

    Where are you based, in Vic? Need anything - movies or book, p0rn or dope? :p Just sing out, i am sure i have some pron i can lend ya... (seriously, need anything done at home, lawns or anything, sing out)
  6. Bloody Hell Musty!!! :shock:
    Glad you are still here to type that but sheezus :shock:
    Bugger about the bike but they can be replaced.
    You'll get back on a bike soon, ther's no way you could give it up ;)
  7. shit, sorry to hear of your misfortune shabby :shock:

    hope you make a speedy recovery & get back on
    another bike again
  8. Thats sh1t news :(

    its reading things like this when I wonder whether its really worth riding bikes :?

    Its fun and all but sooner or later everyone seems to have a bad experience....
  9. Happens to the best of riders I guess
  10. Ah bollocks to hear that mate, wishing you and your bike a speedy recovery.
  11. What kinda corner can you power out of and you're doing 90km/h?

    Was it a bend? or did you want the rear to slide out under full throttle?
  12. Hey Shabby,
    Sorry to hear about the accident..hope you heal quickly, or if not, play it for all the sympathy you can :wink: :? :)
  13. Quick healing vibes to you Shabby, good to hear you're in one piece too, if not a little battered. :)
  14. Shame about that. I'm not one to say, but I don't think you should let this discourage you from riding.

    Wish you a quick recovery.
  15. Ohhh Shabby.. Not good mate :( :( :( :( ..

    I hope you recover quickly .. If you or your family need anything, just call.

    You will be back on a bike again, sometime.. Give it time, well at least until the pain stops..
  16. whaaat theeee faaarrrrkkk!!!!

    What on earth did you go and do that to yourself for???

    Dont tell me it was on the paky to c0ckatoo new resealed section???
  17. Jeezus Shabby!! Not the 'Bird!! :shock:

    Go easy huh? Hope you get better pronto..
  18. This is Mrs Shabby:

    He went into the bend a bit slower than normal, just to put a gap btwn him and the cars infront and came out of the bend, gave it a bit of trottle to get back up to speed limit and that was it... the rest is history. He is sorta okay he is drugged and resting .... he said to let you all know .... Blackbirds dont like skidding on their side down the road. thanks for your well wishes I have let him know.
  19. Get well soon shabby.
  20. Indeed, hopefully amongst all that broken stuff is not a broken spirit......