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Dougz little bro finally gets new bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dougz, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. And what a bike it is!! Same as mine (07 600RR) except in ltd edtn Black/White with all the bits I can't afford like a full Yoshimura RS-5 Race exhaust system and PCIII. It's also got the rear seat cowl, race sticker kit and HRC carbon triple clamp covers and instrument cover. Whatcha think? I'm super jealous and especially so since I'm currently on the other side of the world and can't ride it until August :( The real killer part of the deal is that it only has 3000k's on it and he got it for an absolute steal on ebay! I'm prety stoked for him :)

    Here it is:




    and here's my one: :wink:

  2. you mean some things on ebay arent dodgy? lol

    Nice bike but! Looks good in those colours
  3. Congrats to your little bro on his new purchase. Great colour scheme. I'm sure it would look even better in the flesh.
  4. So it wasn't the AUS eBay then?
  5. 'course it was
  6. Dougal, if you sold Claire into the African Slave Market, you could have a better bike than your Brother.
  7. Nice bike

    How much did he get it for?
  8. very pretty bike. Grats to your brother. this is the bike i want to upgrade too when off my restrictions.

    Hope it does him well :)
  9. Congrats to your Bro mate !!!
  10. If you ask the right people on Netrider, they could arrange for a <cough> exchange :LOL:.
  11. Man thats a nice bike. He's going to have lots of fun, lucky bugger :LOL:
  12. So he rejected your recommendation to get a hyo? :LOL:
  13. Cool..nice wheels.
  14. I think he still wants him to put a nice 650cc Hyosung V-twin in it! LOL