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Dougz is Back! Thanks to all of you

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dougz, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Hiya Guys!

    Well I'm back finally! After a week in hospital doing sweet FA I now get to spend 5 x weeks at home doing sweet FA!! :evil: I say that with regret because I simply HATE doing nothing! Anyway, more time on the PS2 I guess.. :LOL:

    Anyhoo, Thanks so much to everyone for all the help and support that was given to me and Claire while I was in hospital. It really means a lot to me :) It was good to be able to read all your comments each day when Claire bought them in and believe me, when you're laid up in bed with FA to do its great to know that there are people out there sending their best wishes and support. It definately makes the time pass a bit quicker!

    As for the 'power mono' on the VTR? Here's the actual story:

    Dougz goes out front to head off for another day at work and while putting his gloves on notices his psycho neighbour taking photos (again) of him. Dougz walks over to him and confronts him with words to the effect of "WTF do you think you're doing you *&&^%@# etc etc" (this has been going on for months now - He HATES bikes). Psycho neighbour scuttles inside calling Dougz an empty headed little &^%# (probably true, but...) and telling him that he'll get him and his dirty s*&t of a girlfriend. Dougz then utilizes all previous self control learnt from years of martial arts etc and... goes back and starts bike. Can't be f*&ked warming up so gets on and leaves. Opens throttle and bike splutters so (pissed off remember?) opens throttle wide and does circuit around traffic island. Does the same again except this time pops clutch too early and front wheel comes up partly due to speed hump that has materialised under the front wheel.

    So, before I knew what was going on the front wheel was in front of my helmet and the bike was going down. On top of my foot and sliding. It was lucky I was wearing full race boots else my foot would have come clean off. I broke the knobbly bit at the bottom of my Fibula and shattered two metatarsils in my foot. The X-Rays were wicked!

    Things I've learnt from this:

    * Don't ride angry
    * Morphine and Pethidine rock!!!
    * Don't crash girlfriends bike as she will crack shits
    * Don't try and pick up a bike when you only have one working foot
    * WEAR YOUR GEAR! It will save you.
    * Broken bones HURT
    * The kindness of strangers is awesome!

    I haven't had a chance to PM everybody who wrote yet, but I will. Thanks to all of you :)

    And Mouth...

    Cheers bro :LOL:
  2. Good to see you posting up mate, and that you have a speedy recovery even though they told you it will be around 5 weeks!
  3. Hi dougz, so glad to hear you are doing well, will remember not to get on bike when angry from now on :grin: .

    Mouth you are a mean person :LOL: :LOL: .
    Cheers Lou
  4. Good write up - glad you're home and on the improve

    Enjoy the PS2, heal up well and fast
  5. Crack sh!ts.....Crack sh!ts???

    First thing I said was "I don't care about the bike I care about you!!!"

    I'll give ya cracked sh!ts......

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Again thankyou to everyone who helped us out, offered messages of support or popped by the Hospital to say hello.
  6. Good to hear you are out of hospital.
    Not safe places them... they are full of sick people.
    Keep smiling mate, It'll keep the F#%kers wondering what your thinking.
  7. Ah good to hear that the experience hasn't dulled you classy prose, Dougz :LOL:

    Get well quick; who's going to annoy your loudmouthed neighbour otherwise???
  8. Hey Dougz. Good to read that you're back home. That's quite a story and a nasty injury dude. Go the PS2!

    Anyway, I'm not sure what I can offer but if you and Claire need anything let me know.

    Heal well mate.
  9. Damn...sorry to hear Dougz. Hope the 5 wks flies by for you.

    RE: boots - what boots were they?
  10. Good to hear you're out of the horse piddle Dougz!! :cool:

    Spent a few weeks in there this year so I can symathise with ya, it's a boring place to be and one week feels like a month in there!!

    5 weeks will fly by trust me... it's been almost 7 months since I've been able to ride/drive/work etc. and a few others on here even longer :shock:

    If you need anything just send me a PM, got plenty of spare time at the moment while I do physio/rehab and always happy to help out!!

    Heal quick dude and just remember even 2fiddy's still mono when you dump the clutch :LOL:
  11. Point 1.
    Correct. You don't need to take you're worries with you on the bike. They'll always be there when you get back.

    Point 2.
    Absolutely correct. So I have been told by a guy who lost a finger...

    Point 3.
    I wanna see Claire give you cracked sh!ts. :p

    Point 4.
    Been there, done that but I win the p!ssing competition because I did it with a broken collarbone too. Can be done but it does hurt a bit. I had to get back on mine and bog it standing in the sand so it wouldn't fall over.

    Point 5.
    Gear always. I had everything except a HANS device and I still got rooted. Can't imagine I'd be here without it.

    Point 6.
    See point 4.

    Point 7.
    I did my ankle and collarbone in a high speed whoopsie in the Victorian Desert in the middle of BF nowhere. Had to pick up bike (point 4)so that mate (whom I knew would come looking for me) would not stack into stacked bike, stack his and break his only good riding body between us. He had to ride out to get help, leaving me for 3 hours of introspection with broken bones. Along came some local kids in two 4wds and 4 bikes, only two of which would go at the same time. They offered beer (declined because I wanted to go to horsepiddle) and music (they had a busted ar$e guitar) and to hang around while my mate was out getting help. I thanked them and sent them on their way to enjoy their day without braining themselves. Before leaving, they fished a Picture magazine out of the glovebox. Random acts of kindness are a wonderful thing! :p

    Hate to say it but unless they pinned the end of the fibula you'll be sore for a loooooong time. It bonds faster when pinned (mine wasn't) and is more likely to be in the right place (mine isn't). You'll think you're really clever when the cast comes off, but there is a problem. Your foot will have forgotten how to be a foot. Takes 3 months of walking and physio AFTER the cast comes off to start getting normal again. Mine was 3 years ago and it's still getting there. If they did pin it you'll need to a) have the hardware removed when it's set, or, b) NEVER EVER break that ankle again with the hardware in. It gets ugly when breakages involve orthopaedic appliances and hardware because the metalwork just flat out won't break. I think you get the picture.

    DO what your physio tells you. Stay off it as long as you can bear it.

    Most important, be nice to Claire because she owns your a$$ now with all the favours and footwork she'll be doing.
  12. :LOL: :shock: & :evil: @ OP.

    Good to see you back with us buddy. You just handing over those
    WorkCover cheques over to ya Mrs for F*CKING UP HER BIKE God
    dam it


    Hopefully ya neighbour doesn't cotton onto whats happened. He will
    forever have one up over you & won't let you forget about it :LOL:

    We may all hang shit, flame & argue from time to time, but the fact
    remains, we are all as one, and when shit hits the fan, we all rally
    together. Thats a unique thing in the motoring community, & you
    now know, getting/feeling/seeing that support does make a difference.

    God willing, one day I'll meet you, & you can show me not what to do :LOL:
  13. I'll be around sometime to challange you on a ps2 game or two bud! Good to hear you're out!

    That's quite a story mate.

    Second the orthopaedic appliance advice macman gave... broken ankle in 1994 - clean broke off the left inner meliolis... two pins... didn't get back into parachuting until the pins were removed... the ankle has never been the same... but then again, I skimped on the physio :)roll: at myself).

    Heal quick and well man :cool:
  14. True. But I'm hoping it gave them both a good laugh :)

    Glad to see you back home Dougz, and remember the physio is your best friend, even though it often won't feel like it.
  15. Good to hear you are out of hospital. =]
  16. Hey Dougz. Very entertaining way to stack a bike. Did the neighbour see any of this? How old is he? Shall we pay him a visit with a housebrick? Clare looks good on the scoot too. Caught up with her on Sat night. Long time for you to be on couch . Do you have Foxtel? If not, maybe you can sign up for a month or 2. Cause ratings are over , so tv will be even worse then ever now.


  17. Hey Dougz, good to see you up and about in a manner of speaking. Nice to hear you are positive and stuff. Keep it up. See you again soon
  18. I say we all go for a BBQ Around Dougz's Place. After 20+ bikes roll up and make lots of noise for 3 days, the neighbour may think he has got one up on dougz, but he sure as F#%k won't be mentioning it.
  19. LOL @ Falcon.

    Scumbag and his Italian bike loving posse, plus Voyager and few others with loud bikes should rock up and have a rev fest. :twisted:
  20. Tell me it wasn't the Alpinestars!