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Dougz in hospital

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Clairebear, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. For those of you who may be unaware, Dougz is currently sitting in a hospital bed feeling rather sad and sorry for himself. He's broken his foot and ankle in several places and is going in for surgery on Wednesday and it looks as though he won't be walking for about 3 months (and subsequently off the bike too).

    A big thanks to Brij for popping by, he really appreciated a friendly face!

    A big thankyou also to RobSalvv for putting his hand up for transporting the bikes. (And others for offering their services as well)

    I have to say that we're really grateful to know people who are so ready and willing to pitch in when you need it.
  2. Bugger, sorry to hear

    Pass on best wishes to Dougz for a full and speedy recovery.
  3. Nooo not Dougie [​IMG]


    Sorry to hear the news. Please pass on my regards to him.
  4. Damn, that's awful news Claire. Pass on my best wishes to Dougz.
  5. the poor bugger, hope he heals well. :)
  6. Indeed, best wishes from the 'Gong :wink:.
  7. That's not good to hear,

    I hope he gets well quickly
  8. Best wishes mate, hope you out of there ASAP and back on a bike soon :)
  9. that's no good at all, but for those not in the know, would you like to elaborate please?

    heal up quick dude
  10. Hey Clair
    Send Dougle my best.
    Could you PM Me with some visiting details so I can head in and personaly clip him round the ears. :grin:
  11. thats not good to hear...best wishes for a speedy recovery
  12. Ah! No!

    He's had some bad luck with bikes breaking but that's no excuse to go for the good stuff with broken bones...

    Sorry to hear it - pass on my best.

  13. Dougle, glad your ok my friend. Heal up fast brother.

  14. Noooooooooooooooooo :eek:

    Heal up quick buddy. Enjoy the hospital pain killers!!!! :grin: :p
  15. Bugger dude. :( Heal up quick ok. :)
  16. Ah $hite!! Sorry to hear Claire, plz pass on mine and Jadey's wishes for a speedy recovery!

    What happened? Guessing it was something after we saw you guys on Saturday night? Coz he looked alright at Errols?? Sorry if it's already been posted somewhere else? Haven't read or heard how his ankle and foot came to be in it's current condition?
  17. Sorry Guys,

    I've been running around the last couple of days.

    After copping a mouthful of abuse from our resident neigbourhood psycho, Dougall hopped on my bike. The engine was cold so he did a couple of blockies. On the last lap, he came up to the industrial-szed speedhump and (I put it down to a brain fart) then pulled back on the throttle and popped the clutch out. The speedhump acted as a launchpad and the Mighty VTR mono'ed over the speehump and then flipped backwards and fell sideways on the left hand side and right on to Dougall's foot. Thank God he was wearing boots because he might have lost his foot completely. i came outside to see Dougall attempting to lift the bike on 1 leg wih the resident psycho standing there gawping at him :evil:

    There are some pretty cool gouges in the road!
  18. All the best for a speedy recovery.
  19. shit clair!! that sux balls. hope all goes well.. or went well today, and he manages a faster than expected recovery.
  20. I went and lobbed on dougz yesterday arvo. He is is prety good spirits, so I gave him a clip around the ears for bending Clairs bike.
    He has decided he may end up going for a scooter till he can do gear changes again, just can't bare to be off to wheels till he heels.