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Douchebags guide to riding a motorcycle.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by fekkinell, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. I wanted not to laugh... I really did. :rofl:


  2. This should be in modifications and projects.
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  3. LOL :)
    In Vietnam people ride around on scooters with speakers blaring out some sort of advertising, it starts very early in the morning too in some places.
  4. I actually have plans to put a large driver on the pillion seat, countless hours of traffic shenanigans.

    Why does that tiny sport bike idle like a hardly, maybe I can rig some circuits up to the throttle, with some preloaded sounds.

    endless amusement.
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  6. Beat me to it Spenaroo (y)
  7. That domino's thing is HILARIOUS! Love it :)
  8. I found this happened mostly in the north, assumed it was the news or propaganda.
  9. Varsis, you're right, where we heard it the most was in Halong.
  10. I'll have to find out what they use to make certain imputs make certain sounds, I'd assume a small amount of breadboard electronics should work, if not I'll just hook up one of the micro PCs on the market, might even be cheaper that way.

    Need to find out how much power a decent driver will need, or just get a job at Dominoes and play about with theirs.

    Might do it on the ct110 first.
  11. An arduino with a wave shield will do the job.