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Douchebag of the Day

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Justin Stacks, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Everyday we deal with idiots on the road, but we also deal with some total douchebags just doing our normal routine throughout the day.

    I thought we could start a thread to vent about the total douchbag that made your life hell, even if it was for a few minutes today.

    I'll start!

    On my walk home from work today I had to deal with some total douchebaggery behaviour.

    This guy probably in his 30's, is walking around holding his music player/phone. He has his earphones on, or at least one side is in his ear, and the other side is hanging around his ear (I guess like what you would want to do if you still wanted to hear the outside world).

    The reason this guy was a total douchebag though, and the reason why I wanted to literally punch him out, is that the music is playing out of the speaker so that everyone can hear! WTF!

    Reasons he is a fcking douchebag:
    1. Your music sucs a55! I actually didn't mind the song too much, but it's old from like a 6 months ago, so no one wants to hear it
    2. It was pretty damn loud. I was metres away from him, and I could hear his crappy music and everyone around him can too, and unfortunately he was walking in the same direction, so I had to put up with it for a few minutes
    3. Why the fck do you have earphones on your ears???
    I would give him a pass if he did not have earphones, but the fact that he's walking around with earphones on and still subjecting everyone around him to his sh*tty music like we should be so lucky, makes me want to kick his a55.

    So for today, that guy wins the douchebag of the day award!

  2. cool story bro.
    needs more dragons.
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  3. And wizards.
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  4. and sex don't you watch game of thrones
  5. Where's the spacecraft?
  6. douchebag? i'm out of touch, is that something like a dickhead?
  7. USA convert to AU = DH
  8. thanks....I think I will stick with dickhead
  9. Douchebag is more of a wanker than a dickhead.
  10. Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole, however not yet reached fcuker or motherfcuker. Not to be confuzed with douche

    The term "douchebag" generally refers to a male with a certain combination of obnoxious characteristics related to attitude, social ineptitude, public behavior, or outward presentation.

    Though the common douchebag thinks he is accepted by the people around him, most of his peers dislike him. He has an inflated sense of self-worth, compounded by a lack of social grace and self-awareness. He behaves inappropriately in public, yet is completely ignorant to how pathetic he appears to others.

    He often talks about how cool, successful, and popular he is, yet never catches on to the fact that he comes across as a total loser. Nevertheless, he firmly believes that he is the smartest, most desirable, and most charming person in the room... and will try to bad-rep anyone who would threaten to expose this facade.

    He fancies himself a ladies’ man, yet tends to be a joke to all but the most naive of women. He tries to portray himself as part of the in-crowd (a fashionista, an upwardly mobile professional, the life of the party, etc.) but only succeeds in his own mind.

    To everyone else, he is an annoying and arrogant phony who comes across as a wannabe overcompensating for his insecurities. He tries to appear like the center of whatever group will tolerate him, but in reality, he is just a tag-along who mooches drinks, women, contacts, social standing, and other benefits from the group... while contributing nothing.

  11. i see .... a wanker, got it
  12. now where is that funny picture thread? i like funny pictures
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  13. So is there a picture of a wanker dickhead wizard having sex with a dragon on a spacecraft, fitted with ABS but no FNP, nodding to a lady scooter rider who's hot, but didn't put her bra on left boob first or not?
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  14. She's riding a scooter? I'm out.
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  15. [​IMG] It's a bit hard to see the spacecraft.
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  16. is that Gandalf or Merlin? and whats he doing to that poor little dragon?Freak.. I'm calling the RSPCA!
  17. I'm sure I saw that on the side of a panel van in the late 70's one day.
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  18. Back on topic, my douchbag story:

    Some douchbag came onto netrider and started a thread about douchbags. Then more douchbags made fun of the first douchbags story. Then more douchbags made fun of the fun the second douchbags were making of the first douchbag. The some douchbag scared me with a picture of a wizard humping its dragon. Reminded me of New Zealand without the fluffy wool.
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  19. Douchebag?
    Did I just wake up in the USA?
  20. [​IMG]

    Zombie sheep make it better

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