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Douche on Blue Hornet - GONG NSW

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kingy, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Morning Fellow Netrider Friends..

    i just wanted to have a little rage this morning about some douche bag on a blue hornet this morning in Wollongong NSW..

    i was travelling to work this morning coming down MT Ousley (pretty bad road in NSW alot of coal trucks use this road everyday). i was heading down the MTN doing the speed limit 80ks in the RIGHT hand lane. next thing you know there was a blue hornet in front of me in the RIGHT HAND LANE doing approx 40-46ks in the 80zone.. so i hit the brakes and stay behind him.. i give him a little wave to move over to the left hand lane as there is quite a convoy of cars piling up behind this douche.... then to make it even more frustrating he hits the brakes when passing the NOISE CAMERA .... there where a shyt load of cars on the horn and ridding my ass down the mtn....

    i just wanna know if this bloke is apart of this Forum because someone should give him road rules education !!! not only was he putting himself in danger but ME. i dont appreciate cages on my ass... he got over at the very bottom on the MTN where the convoy of cars told him what they thought lol..

    i believe this bloke maybe going to Wollongong universality..
    rage over !
  2. If he is apart then he would not be of this forum.
  3. Was it you [MENTION=15799]hornet[/MENTION]?

  4. I wonder if all those cars will get a canary because of the horns
  5. Why not move to the left hand lane and sit there at the speed limit. You'd be able to do your 80k's and it's not an "undertake".?
  6. Yeah, speed the f*** up, man! :rofl:
  7. Isn't it still an undertake as you have changed lanes to get around someone? That was my understanding of the rule. Just as stupid as the "you must not speed to overtake" rule. Yep in the eyes of the RTA it's safer to go 80 on the wrong side of the road for 1km rather than 90 and get around someone safely.
  8. I presume the left lane was full of traffic, else both the OP and the cars would have used it to go around...
  9. There is no rule against undertaking unless you are in the same lane (that has exceptions).

    Australian Road rule 141 covers overtaking/undertaking.

    I doubt if the left lane was occupied that would need two people doing 40kmh. If it was I think that I would just risk an overtake In the same lane as the hornet than risk a car hitting me from behind.
  10. Mt Ousley has 2 lanes. The left lane is usually full of trucks going 40kmh back to back so a pass may have been impossible.
  11. According to the RTA that's not the case. If you saw their logic in dropping the Newell Hwy speed limit on the Q&A page.

    "wont it make it dangerous trying overtaking trucks without going faster?"
    "No. Because trucks still have the 100km/h limit you wont need to overtake them anywhere near as much as you will be going the same speed. It's really much safer"

    Not verbatim but you get the point.
  12. The OP was going down not up.
  13. What, for the benefit of this noob, is undertaking? I can't find any reference to it in the Road Rules? Is it overtaking to the left (which is legal on a multi-lane road?)
  14. Undertaking is passing on left
  15. the 40KPH limit IS on the downhill lanes, a throwback to the days when trucks used to run out of brakes going down the long incline into the 'Gong.

    The road has 3 lanes, the nearside lane is a 40kph lane for trucks, and there's no need for vehicles other than trucks to be in it. The other two lanes have an 80kph limit, with the usual requirement to 'keep left unless overtaking, fine exceeds $110' signposted prominently.

    There is no excuse for some bozo who obviously is not confident enough to be out on the highway in such traffic, to be hogging the centre line; it is both illegal and bad manners. And every day you will see plenty of drivers/riders passing such people in the centre of the three lanes; regrettably Wollongong drivers/riders have an almost total disregard for all aspects of the traffic laws, and good traffic manners as well.

    And, in case the above doesn't explain it, no, it wasn't me :LOL:

    further to, I should add, a legal expert at the recent Breakfast Torque, said, when explaining the law concerning filtering, that it is not illegal to pass someone on the left ASL LONG IS IT IS DONE IN A SEPARATE LANE.
  16. No, but two bikes will...
  17. Exactly. Dunno what road VC is thinking about?

    Also, the 3 lanes ends 1/4 way down the hill so it's most likely he was stuck between trucks and a hornet ;)
  18. I'm not familiar with the hill in question, but I'm not convinced that trucks losing their brakes on long inclines is a thing of the past.

    For the last 13 years my daily commute has taken me down and up the slope to the Darling Scarp and I've regularly passed the aftermath of runaway trucks. I see/smell burning brakes at least weekly. But this is WA so many of our trucks are unroadworthy scrap, which might explain it.
  19. Kingy, sorry mate, but it is you who needs the education on the road laws.

    Which means given the speed limit was 80 or below and there was no KEEP LEFT..... sign then he was quite within his legal rights.

    However, he certainly wasn't courteous or considerate and should be taught some manners, but I doubt he was breaking the law.
  20. mick, as I posted above, there are abundant 'keep left unless overtaking' signs on the Mount Ousely road; the rider was clearly breaking the law AND being a bad-mannered oaf into the bargain...