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Double ? Triple Checking

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. I know this has been done to death, but as most of you can agree , I want to make sure that I am spending enough on protective gear. Below is a list of what I want to buy.

    Shoei TZR $ 649.00 or Arai Condor $???? ( about the same i think)

    DRIRIDER AirMesh Jacket $200
    DRIRIDER AirMesh Pants $ 149.95
    OXTAR Flash Boot $249.00
    Gloves ? $ ??

    Subtotal $1247

    Is this enough ?? Do you think that I am spending too much on some things and not enough of other items ?

    Shoei TZR $ 649.00 or Arai Condor $????
    As you can tell I value my head :grin: :grin:

    Anyway, Thoughts, opinions, comments would be great

  2. Ya might want to get gear that'll handle the rain and colder days... That AirMesh stuff is comfy but it'll get chilly unless you're a summerday rider only.

    I'd grab some draggins too, you can wear them around when you're not riding so you don't have to change clothes all the time.
  3. You could get a summer jacket with a winter liner, it wouldn't be as cool as the mesh jacket but you could use it all year round.
  4. depends on how often you plan on pranging .. its all a gamble aint it ?? ......... if we knew we were never going to have an accident ... shorts ..thongs .. and no helmet ... would be top protection ......... we dont know that though .... so you spend as much as YOU feel comfortable spending on protective gear .... and only then will you feel you have done the right thing by yourself .... nobody can tell you how much to spend ...
  5. ohhh and sorry ........ but it sounds you looking to buy insurance ......... no amount of protective gear will will keep you from getting hurt if the crash is bad enough
  6. Most likely the only difference with a $300, $600 and $1000 helmets are the pretty stickers that are on it.
  7. Ahhh...not really!!!

    Go for the best fit out of recognised brands. If you have a 2 dollar head...you know the rest.
  8. Entirely incorrect.
  9. Well I paid $550 for my Shoei Chechinello (cos it was an old model and had been on shelf for 2 years - I'm a good barginer) and it held up amazingly well in my off yesterday.

    Apart from the visor, you wouldn't even know I'd come off (I know, I still gotta get a new one tho....)

    I kow $'s don't ensure you safety but I give a big thumbs up to Shoei.....

  10. The Shark RSR2 is a great helmet and not much more expensive than both these ... give it a try/look.
  11. I'm lead to belive that airmesh doesn't work. Go back to the store, feel it and make your own decision.
  12. 'tailus': can you elaborate on your statement.
    was recently in an mc store looking at an airmesh. it looks ok but i don't think i'd buy it, though.
  13. I believe that you cant put a price on safety and quality..Shark are meant to be the safest helmet in the world..Shoei are right up there so is arai..
    But you will spend around a gorilla for one...

    So here's your choices...

    Spend a gorilla when buying a helmet and have an empty wallet for a week..


    take a cheap arse way out of it and hope you dont hurt your egg on the ground..
  14. eh a $100 AGV saved my head...
    A pair of DocMartins strained both of my ancles...
    A $150 motorbike jacket with no armor saved my skin...
    The same jacket did not prevent brusing...
    And the only thing that saved my legs were the Thermo underpants I was wearing under the denims...

    The thing that worked the best was the BIG belt backe that saved my pelvis from being broken, though to this day I do have strange pains where it ibeded into my flesh...
  15. hardly.........comfort, washable liners, fog guards, ventation, visors that stay where you put them, weight, aeodynamics, noise, protection, etc

    Check out the Shark RSX or as mouth suggested RSR2. But most importantly pick the brand that fits you noggin the best.
  16. $150 here but really didn't seem like it offer much protection to me the RJAYS air mesh beside it for hte same price seem a better choice but still not good enough for me...I got the Dri RIder rallycross to cover me across all the seasons for $245 + $70 accessory pack.

    same price at the above location but to me you may as well get around in shorts....there was no protection down the side of your leg if you are siding on your side and the knee protection was pretty laughable.

    Within your budget is not about what if you are spending enough its about getting the gear that will protect you the best.......think about what will happen in a accident and if the article will address the senarios you can think of (abbrassion protection at key spots, impact resistance at keypoints, rigidity to prevent breaks (ankles, spine), bright colours to be seen and absorb less sun on hot days, reflective surfaces for night, able to handle both hot and pouring rain conditions, etc)

    Shop aroumd you won't find one store that will have all your options, doubt you'll find one with more tha 50% of the stuff thats out there.

    With your gloves I'd strongly recommend looking into Joe Jocket Gloves, protection AND comfort.