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N/A | National Double standards

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mikey213, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Hopefully this is the right area..

    I was watching "The force" last night as i find it somewhat interesting, and there were 2 motorcycle cops from sydney, one wearing a leather jacket etc.. and a gopro and the other just wearing his normal police shirt, with no sleeves/jacket etc..

    Now we all know its not illegal to not wear your safety gear besides a helmet, but i find it interesting, hence the double standards title.. that in any motorcycle accident, there is always a subtle or not so subtle statement about how the rider wasn't wearing gear, or whatnot.

    Same thing happens when someone gets done speeding or doing something illegal, just like the bloke who was texting on his bike.

    The general public always post in the newspaper or online news articles, berating the rider for being so stupid and dangerous, and how mandatory ATGATT should be enforced.

    Sometimes even the cops say it in their statements..

    How is it that this cop who is on a nationally televised show is not wearing all his safety gear, and pulling people over for breaking the law, there was a few speeders, a couple on phones etc..

    and its all good, but as soon as a "normal" citizen is caught, they get nonstop bullshit from everyone about not wearing their gear etc..

    one would assume that he should be practicing what he preaches, and wearing all his gear all the time.

    Also, i don't care if you wear your gear or don't wear it, i just hate the subtle digs and statements about those riders who get caught speeding or are involved in an accident, that they have to bring up what the rider was wearing. At the end of the day its up to the individual as it isn't illegal to wear shorts and a t shirt, BUT if a cop can stand there and whinge about people he catches not wearing the right gear, and then goes out and does the complete opposite of what he says.. its a bit ridiculous.
  2. old news, NSW Policemen in shirt-sleeves come up in discussion regularly, nothing to see here
  3. Remember the US tv show in the early/late eighties can't remember exact year "CHIPS".

    Those motorcycle cops never wore safety gear!
  4. i wasn't alive in the 80's so no.
  5. Good luck seeing a motorcycle cop wearing any gear in summer in Sydney.. standard for them.
  6. neither did motorcyclists.....
    even now america is a completely different world
  7. We dont get the atgatt lectures during stops. Thats a victorian thing.
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  8. Yes, but because he is a police officer, he is 'specially trained'. Sarcasm intended.

    He was also not paying attention to the traffic in front of him when he was standing on the pegs to look inside the cars. Due care?

    Just have to accept it i spose?
  9. just worry about your own skin i reckon.
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  10. those California Highway Patrol Sunglasses are all the protection anyone needs
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  11. Last time I was pulled over the only motorcycle gear I was wearing was my helmet and gloves. The cop was a rider himself and did not say anything about gear.

    Never noticed anything about gear in news reports concerning crashes, unless the rider was not wearing a helmet.

    Motorcycle cops are actually "elite". No sarcasm intended. Besides, I do no think they actually have much official gear to wear anyway.

    The biggest source of ATGATT bleeting is from other riders in my opinion, which just pisses me right off. If other riders don't understand, there's no hope of non-riders understanding and ATGATT will eventually become a legal requirement. :(
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  12. personal choice all the way

    i cop shit for wearing ATGATT

  13. You sound like a young fellow, so let me explain this somehow...

    ...this is how the world is.

    It's always been this way.

    It always will.

    It doesn't really matter. (Unless you hold to some belief such as "The world should be just and consistent, and if it isn't then that's unbearable".)

    ;) Be at peace.
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  14. comparing tabloid media articles to real life.
    only thing you must be wearing is a helmet.