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VIC Double standards or what!!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nobby, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. OK before I start if coppers are allowed to use mobile phones while driving then can a Mod please remove this and save me too much embaressment.

    4:30pm tonight I'm driving down Cranbourne-Narre Warren Rd heading towards Cranny, (in the Glandbruiser) pull up at the Centre Rd lights behind a PoPo Ford Territory Reg Number MCM903 with a female officer (in uniform) behind the wheel. My mate in the passenger seat next to me (and the reason I am in the bloody cage) points out that the driver of the PoPo is on the bloody mobile phone.

    Lights go green so I give her a flash of my headlights complete with a set of driving lights that have the ability to peal paint to remind her you can go when lights are green. I follow this officer all the way to Casey Central shopping centre where I pull up beside her in the turning lane. I thought the officer had got off the phone but NO! she had the phone sitting on the lower part of the steering wheel and she was sending a bloody text....

    I wound down the window and held up my mobile phone and shook my head ... So if the two faced bastards aren't allowed to use mobiles who do I send my letter of complaint too....
  2. Unfortunately they are.
  3. ](*,) Oh, please tell me you took a bluddy photo of this........ pleeeese?
  4. Plods don't make the law.
    If you see a politician or better still someone from your local speed committee driving while texting you have my full permission to kill them.
  5. You are lucky that you didnt get booked for flashing your lights.
  6. I almost got cleaned up by one years ago (a police officer chatting on the phone), lodged a complaint and got told they're allowed to use them.

    Not sure how they'd feel about the officer SMSing though.

    At any rate, double standards for sure, wish you could have got a photo...
  7. Pretty sure they had to make this exception for them because half the time their radios have no coverage.
    She was obviously abusing the system. But hey WTF if that's the worst thing in your day it's a pretty good day.
  8. Because their Facebook updates are vital work.
  9. I sorta figured that as she was in the "soccer mum" version of a PoPo car she was on the way to get the donuts, and some fat three striped wallaper was ringing her up because he had forgetten to order the ones with the extra thick fucking pink icing.... and fairy sprinkles...
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  10. Got a chuckle outta this, much appreciated after a sh1t day.. cheers!
  11. hahaha gold.
    but farken ay, double friggen standards. legalized ones. bastards