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Double RR Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by tkn82, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Hi guys
    Im a proud new owner of a CBR250RR and new to riding.
    After 2 wks of owning the bike (private sale) having an issue with the bike just dying when idling and then no power when try and restart..
    I have replaced the battery but still same thing..occassionally the starter makes a clicking noise (maybe loose connection?)
    Anyways I live in Leichardt and Double RR motorcylces are just round the corner..has anyone dealt with these guys before..if so good or bad? I have done a search but came up with nothing.

  2. anyone? please? really want to get take it somewhere to rectify this problem
  3. CBR250RR have a well established reputation for electrical gremlins. A blown rectifier being one of them.

    Any bike shop should be able to trouble shoot for you but be prepared to pay if you're not doing it yourself. Maybe thats why the bike was sold?
  4. how much did u grab the bike for?

    first thing that every new rider does when they newly purchased their bike, ride it until something is broken instead of getting it checked out by a mechanic first prior to purchase.

    with your problem .. demand some money back for selling a dodgy
  5. Thanx for the comments but actually wanted to know about Double RR motorcycles (in Harberfield, Sydney) and if anyone used them before.
    The bike has been running perfect until last wk...
  6. bikes all fixed..blown regulator/rectifier and melted plug connector..and no not a dodgy bike when bought just a little unlucky...but all happy now...PS went to Lloyd Penn..what a legend!!
  7. I have heard that the sales reputation leaves a little to be desired, but that the servicing reputation is top notch and recommended.
  8. My experience with RR

    The sales services has been good. They let me try a multiple of bikes to see which one I suited me best. Unfortunately they didnt have the bike I wanted but based on their Sales Staff I was planning on spending the bux on major service etc with their Service dept anyway.

    Quoted for some parts, price was good so ordered them
    After 4 weeks of calling every 2-3 days and even dropping into the shop, they finally called me back (first time ever) where they said the quoted price was wrong and its now double and there is still a few weeks wait.
    I kindly thanked them for the run around and went somewhere else which got the parts for the quoted price within 3 days. Needless to say the new shop has received a lot more of my money.

    This is just my experience with them, i have heard many good stories about them too..