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VIC Double penalty for demerit points

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Just received my licence renewal in the mail today which came complete with a nice little note about how the fact they've not caught me committing any traffic offences for three years means I get 25% off the cost.

    Now if what the TAC says is correct "average" motorists don't get demerit points, which would mean that the majority of the public would be getting the discount and the reduced price is in fact more than adequate to cover whatever associated costs it's supposed to be for. In which case this is an extra fee imposed on those who have already paid a fine.

    The alternative is that or they're using people who've been pinged by cameras to subsidise those who drive slowly, but who may still be a significant risk to other road users by virtue of the fact they drive slow because they have absolutely no idea (or interest) in what's going on outside their car.

    Seems to be a dangerous step closer to the idea of making people with traffic offences also effectively pay more for rego, TAC premiums etc. All those ads. demonising people who speed are now starting to make more sense, if their main purpose is in fact to give Government the public support needed to really start squeezing them for cash.
  2. Depends on whether they raised the license fee for all the 'road crims' or reduced it for you angels, dunnit?
    If they were already skimming profits off everyone, then started cutting it for the handful who haven't got points, is a bonus really. Compare what you paid last time allowing for inflation.

    I somehow doubt they planned this if it was going to cost them much money.
  3. JD, I share your conspiracy theory. Fits in with the philosophy of charging every driver in a collision.

    Where is the regulatory impact statement they are required to conduct if they indeed are changing regulations?
  4. same place as the environmental impact statement on dredging the bay
  5. The letter claims it's a "driver reward scheme" as a part of their "Arrive Alive" safety strategy. And yet nowhere on the Arrive Alive website can I find any mention of it - even though the letter specifically says to go to that website for more information.

    Edit: Typical Government beauracy. It's not mentioned in the place it's supposed to be, but is mentioned on the Vicroads website:

    For something that's been in place for more than 4 years they've certainly been keeping quiet about it.
  6. Thanks for the link.

    I have a recently paid for 10 year licence, so I wont be eligible for a while. The scheme gives you a reward for not having a demerit point within the three years leading up to a renewal.

    In my case, am I more deserving of the discount if I accrue demerit points throughout the first 7 years and none thereafter, OR no demerit points at all except a single point in the final three years? Kinda makes a mockery of the reward. I think the intent has possible merit, but once again the delivery lacks.

  7. lol. Love how it says "we haven't caught you" haha
  8. Actually the note doesn't say that, it's just the reality ;).
    They actually thank me for "contributing to a safer road environment" :LOL: