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Double near miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Cthulhu, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Today on the way back from my bikes first service I noticed a white hilux sports ute trying to keep up with me from the lights, needless to say a few gears later I was off and later merged to his lane as we approached stopped traffic.

    He then commenced yelling at me and said a line I doubt I will ever forget " you're a learner! drive like a learner!" I am sure he thought I was 16 not 36 and a 20 year veteran on the roads and more than capable of handling my bike in a straight line from 0-80.

    Then as if to prove it was not the day to be on the roads. I merged between a taxi and a fruit van then rode on for another 30 metres before noticing the fruit van had closed the gap at the next lights and was looming up on my rear wheel before he honked. I turned around and exchanged pleasantries with him) and after the lights he did a lane swerve in an attempt to knock me off the bike.

    To add insult to injury the first guy in the white ute had seen this and thought it was fair game and lane swerved at me as well whilst yelling abuse.

    I only wish I had my helmet cam turned on as in both cases that would have been considered attempted murder( a police office has told me) *sigh* anyway calmed down now ;)
  2. Hey mate,
    Glad to hear you survived through that ! I curse and splutter under my helmet at times, at the mere stupidity of drivers' actions of which we are surrounded with on a daily basis...it's scary !

    Best advice I can offer is distance yourself away from the threat, I know, easier said than done, especially when sticking near enough to the limit and having cars approaching/overtaking (this ticks me off)...manoeuvre away from these w*nkers mate and stay safe (y)
  3. Or if you travel in groups stop them, get out and flog the shite out of them...
  4. ...what c0rrupt said, which reminds me - I may be free for a ride on Saturday/Sunday :)
  5. nickers - keep one of those days free in feb when I'm back! will be in serious need of a ride!

    any luck and we can flog some errrm 'non courteous' car drivers if warranted ;)
  6. Bring that on mate ! Have already requested 5 days off from work around my b/day (early Feb)...going for a ride would be forever customary....taking care of certain offenders...seems........ a necessity ! ;)
    Looking forward to it bud.
  7. By the sound of it there was no near misses at all. You recognised the danger and must have taken the necessary action. Well done.
  8. I think you handled that situation very well. (y)
  9. I won't lie I wanted to get off the bike and thump them but I just managed to keep it under control. I get frustrated by people who don't watch, but maniacs who think it's funny or smart to intentionally swerve at motorcyclists :censored:
  10. 100% agree, which is why it is oh so very important that we look after ourselves and don't put our safety in anyone elses hands.
  11. if you don't have opportunity to get well ahead of their type, preferably a change of lights ahead of them... sometimes it's better, just to let them get ahead and drop back behind them... that way you get to keep and eye on them until their route deviates from yours.
    if they're keeping up close behind you, not so good, you're a target everytime you have to stop at the lights... drop back behind them and you have the higher ground, the advantage... they can't attack from behind.
  12. I know what you mean man. Just this morning, had an arrogant tool pull out while I was only 20 or 30 metres away from him. This from a servo that sits right on a 100km/h zone. I had the choice to brake and brake hard, or hold speed and cross double lines. I went the latter, wasn't a corner, just a turning lane to go in to the servo, with no oncoming traffic in sight. As I got past, slight shake of the head as I thought to myself f*#$& cagers, how could you not see me coming.

    He proceeds to hit the accelerator and fly past hurling abuse and hand gestures because he didn't see me so I went around him. Oh sorry, my bad, I didn't realise I'm at fault for your mistakes.