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Double motorbike crash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. #1 99sydrd, Oct 12, 2008
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    Bike crashes into stationary bike , click on the link .
    Everyone ok .


  2. Any vehicle is.
  3. Sounds like your friend messed up big time. Lucky no one got hurt.

    Was it this corner?


  4. Your helmet is fine. if only your head was inside the helmet and it fell with it. then that'll have a lil problem. but if its jus the weight of the helmet itself.. it wont damage the foam that uses to absorb the impact of a crash
  5. Please don't speculate on the other rider as you have no idea apart from heresay whether he is an accomplished rider or not.
    As for your mate go to town.
    Any speculation on the other rider will result in this thread deleted.
  6. Can only shake my head.. WTF was your mate thinking :evil:
  7. Ditto to what smee said :)

    But me personally, if it was my bike or a friends that your mate had hit, an ambulance would have been needed regardless :evil:
  8. I presume your dopey mate is going to pay for the damages he caused? Really, what a dill :roll:.
  9. +1 to that. I probably would've been after blood if someone had gone into my bike after a stupid act like that. What the hell was he thinking. Very lucky that he didn't hit someone instead of a bike.
  10. Great news, just saved me $500

    What's this shit .My mate is a top bloke ect , yes makes a silly mistake . Yes i agree not the smartest thing he's done but unfortunatly that's how it goes.Fully insured.No need for the name calling.

    WTF would you call an ambulance for running into a parked motorbike , what, so he gets a ticket.
  11. I think he was implying that your mate might have been punched out for doing what he did
  12. In my experience, guys who talk themselves up like that are almost always useless in the twisties - and d!ckheads to ride with anywhere else. Let this knob ride alone and find yourself some better company.
  13. lol dont post up about your mate doing something stupid, and endangering others, and expect people to call him Sir.
  14. You are pushing your own luck.
    Let someone elses stupidity be a lesson for yourself.

    This proves what? On your 650 peak power comes in way before the redline.
  15. Don't want to pay out too much because your post contained some useful reminders but:

    1. Your mate behaved like a goose, it's a bit odd to object to him being called a goose. As was said, with no control it's pure luck he didn't injure a person.

    2. Hanging off the bike a bit more I suspect you could avoid dragging the boots anywhere near as much.

    3. As said, bouncing off redline is probably counterproductive - rev it only to where it starts running out of puff and you'll do better.

    Bottom line, it does sound as though you're riding beyond your skill levels: if you're running wide on corners it's only a matter of luck and time until someone is coming the other way. If you want to stay safe, sports-tourer or not, you need to focus on skills and rein it in a bit.
  16. Your mate is a bloody tosser!...lucky he did'nt come off ALOT worse, either from the crash or the beating he could have earned himself

    And from your description of how you've been caught out on that corner, AND that you are dragging your boots through corrners etc :shock: , you could do with a little bit more self-assessment to. Get your feet up on the pegs properly out of the way, and ease off the speed a bit, for your own sake.
    You to still have some work to do, so don't let beating your mate the tosser, lull you into thinking you are all good.

    Not digging at you...just trying to "ring the bell" so you can improve. :) :wink:

  17. Your helmet may very well be ok....but, what value do you place on your head? I'd play it safe, give the helmet to your brainless mate and buy yourself a new one....
  18. I'd like some serious opinions on helmet drops. Does this guy need to replace the helmet in this situation?
  19. I'd be more concerned about the riding company you keep, ride long enough with a cowboy & you'll also become one. Sooner or later he will become unstuck and take you with him.
  20. The correct answer here is it all depends
    Is the outer shell cracked?
    Are there gouges in the shell?
    Did it hit on the top or chin area?
    How old is the lid?
    How often has it been dropped?
    Could you use it for a spare?
    How much do you value your head?