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Double exit...Black Spur

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FormerUser1, May 14, 2005.

  1. How about synchronized trowelling?
    Saw a couple of guys at the Black Spur today (about 1.30), who'd simultaneously dumped it just past the road-works section (set of lights juuuust on the Helesville-side of Dom Dom saddle).
    Nobody got hurt, 2 bikes about 8 meters down a steep gully, down a very damp and slippery embankment. Looked like a ZZR11 and a 750 blue-white Gixxer?
    How the hell the decked it barely 20 m out of the roadworks is beyond me.
    Hope that was all today, plenty of bikes up and around there.

    Ahhh, and to the dickhead who "undertook" Goodie at the Montrose Roundabout before cutting across 2 lanes choked with cars, wheelieing as cutting across to the left again...GREAT stunt, mate.
    Don't come along for a donation to upgrade the Ikea cardboard-box to a pine coffin though, hope you splatter yourself without taking someone else out.
  2. A group of us were going on a ride up to Mt Dandy but got a call from one of the downed riders to ask for bodies to get the bikes out of the ditch. So rode up to help pull the bike out. They were coming down the hill and said that the front just went out, thinks he might of hit the white line. And the poor bloke on the gix went out in sympathy right behind him. Both riders in one piece, and damn if ZZR1100s arnt heavy. They were puffing and panting getting it up the hill :)
  3. Good to hear riders were ok bikes can be replaced people can't!
  4. Will you bastards out there stop dropping your bloody bikes.

    It all ads up and the in-sewer-ants companies then justify their premium rises.
  5. It rather looked like "they played, they paid ". It was one of those bends that don't get any sun during the winter months and tend to be damp even after a fine, sunny day. Take it at the same speed as the stuff on the other, northern, dried and sunny side of the spur and you're asking for it.

    See above.
    Riders ok was the main thing and yeah, ZZR11s are real hunks of steel.
  6. A lot of the time people do crash after the person in front has crashed as they are following the same line as the rider in front is taking.
  7. Was that on spud corner?
    Did they find any potatos while digging out the bikes??????????
  8. One sorta-hairpin further up I think...
    Didn't wanna hang around to check what "harvest" they'd come up with :D :D