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Double-Dip points, folks (Not in VIC)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. More properly known as Double-Demerit Points, in force NOW and until Tuesday in NSW. Be good little kiddies out there, y'all; a six point offence is a lot different to a three-point offence.

    MOD: Just edited the topic to reflect it is not in VIC.

  2. Interestingly I just heard them mention it on the radio news, and they actually said "Double demerits for all speeding, seatbelt AND HELMET offenses..."

    You don't usually hear them mention helmet offenses when talking about double demerits, must be a sign that at least someone out there recognises that there's more bikes on the road...
  3. Here too, and interestingly the Powleece have said they will be employing new "double patrol sting teams" this easter....whatever they are?
  4. Bloudy Victoria has double of everything else all year round.
    Won't take them long and they will get into the double points stuff.
  5. Thanks for the reminder Hornet. I believe it is the same in QLD.
  6. ...and there will still be accidents and fatalities, and exceeding the posted speed limit, which the police will undoubtedly be targetting with the double sting teams, will likely not even be a factor in >95% of the accidents.

    How long does the public have to put up with this misguided governmental obsession with speeding a few kph over the limit before the politicians start to wake up and realise that it simply isn't saving anyone's lives?

    I guess that so long as the "business" of speed enforcement continues to rake in money, they don't particularly care. "We're seen to be doing something, and it's making us a boatload of money! Where's the problem?"
  7. I'm sure the government knows Cathar (unfortunately). Easier to keep up the illusion of genuine interest in safety by blaming it all on one factor they can easily enforce (and fine).
  8. good thing i rode the Nasho Park, Mt Kiera, Bell's Line, Mudgee, Jenolan caves and Silverdale last week.

    my bike can sit in the carport for a few days and have a breather till this nonsense boils over
  9. I think it's where they send one car ahead through the traffic, whilst another, usually unmarked, picks off tools driving badly after the cop "threat" marked car has passed. Seen this in action.
    Hopefully it will be used to great effect to book morons who sit on 90 in a 100 zone, then hit 130 as you trry and pass them.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Ohhhhhhh, I had one of them today, sat in the fast lane at 100kmh (110kmh zone) taking about 3km before actually getting past the car in the slow lane, then moved over to the slow lane and sped up to 120kmh :? :roll:
  11. And of course, we all know that speeding and fatigue is the killer :roll: ...........it wouldn't be drivers who usually only get to a maximum of 80 km/h in normal driving, in poorly maintained vehicles that are overloaded and fitted with retreads or other budget radials getting out of their depth skill wise now, would it!
    Or the simple fact that more cars= more accidents due to higher volume.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. My apologies to our Victorian brethren; I didn't realise that Mr Bracks was only going to rip you off for the normal amount of points this weekend. )Although my OP did say that the double points was in force for the next few days in NSW).

    I wonder what they experts will be saying about now; 4 people have been killed on the road in NSW already.... ? Two of the dead were in their 70s; I bet they were speeding, over the limit on alcohol, not wearing their seat belts, and listening to Barry Manilow tapes :p.
  13. No double demerits in Vic is a trade off.

    We have about triple the chance of being detected instead!.
  14. unfortunately Stew until the masses of sheep who blindly follow the speed kills mantra wake up and realise they have been had....

    I had the pleasure of riding to Geelong today where they have those nice new time average safety(HAH) camera's...That bit of road must now be about as safe as it gets and has had sweet fcuk all fatalities but now it has time average cameras...so no fatalaties...but lots of traffic and people using their own judgement who choose to exceed the limit by a little...BINGO instant bracksie cash cow.

    It's a pity the average motorist is just too blody apathetic to do anything about it...
  15. there are police everywhere..
  16. And it wouldn't be the prick that ripped up his hand brake whislt turning across me in a roundabout just then and lost it.
  17. What, you mean like in that Road safety ad, blaming speed as a killer, where the guy trys to avoid a car coming out of a T intersection, rips on the handbrake and hits the power pole in what should have been a simple swerve manouvre?! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.