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N/A | National Double Demerits over Christmas and New Years

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Osiris, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have the dates of when Double Demerits starts and finishes over Christmas and New Years in each state?

  2. I think it's the 22nd December to 1st January
  3. December 23rd to 2nd of January, I saw on a TV advert last night...
  4. bollocks...heading down to Kangaroo Valley on the 24th
  5. that's the spirit :LOL:
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  6. Worst concept ever.
  7. Especially if it came to Victoria... already the toughest road policing state in the land...

    Thankfully Vicpol don't believe it has any benefit... and last years Coroners report analysed the Christmas season enforcement programs and pointed out that the tough enforcement stance has had no impact over Christmas because the majority of fatals occur while peeps are doing their christmas business - shopping, going to parties etc, not taking long holiday trips.
  8. its a rort
  9. It seems it's top secret information, the RTA nsw website has no mention of the dates anywhere
  10. Seems they decided to get the jump on riders a week earlier.
    The popo were out in force this past weekend nabbing riders thinking no one would be around .
    They were working the Old road with two cars lulling riders into a false cense of security , being followed then the car turns off radio ahead to the other car hiding up the road.
    I spoke to a few people who got nabbed and one question was asked to all
    who were pulled over in a group "do you guys know one another "
    seems that they will assume if in a group if one gets done for over you were all doing the same speed, one in all in.
    I was doing 80 the speed limit when he passed me to get to my mates we all got a ticket !!! He guestimated our speed WTF no radar fix with no line of sight due to the corners.....so No officer I do not know any of these other riders !!! And I was NOT speeding
    Be careful out on the road they are getting very sneaky .
  11. No it's because any accident has twice the consequences during a holiday...
    only, wait, that's not true
    Perhaps it's because there are twice as many accidents during holidays... only that's not true either

    Maybe it's just fools doubling down because some people think that the best response to not being listened to is to shout louder, not consider that perhaps you're not saying the right things in the first place.
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  12. One would imagine that in any decent justice system, that wouldn't hold up. Of course, ours isn't, so it might.
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  13. Well, the police are happily tweeting and facebooking about the dates (23rd to 2nd). They even slipped in a little shit reminding p-platers about instant points disqualifications ie get off the road kids. Classy~
  14. That's a complete load of SH!T. I Hope you aren't going to stand for it.
    What speed did he "guestimate"? I'm pretty certain it would have to be significantly over the limit for that rule to hold up in court. Challenge challenge challenge.
  15. I'll keep this in mind as I'm riding to Sydney and back between Xmas and New Years weekend..
  16. One of the accused called up and spoke to the officer today
    He (Mr Plod )is adamant and is going to issue 20 over citations to all of us.
    I would really like to fight this , I should not of even stopped , but did so
    for my mates.
    I am wondering how much $$ I will have to thow at this and wether it most likely will be a waste of time and money I don't have.

    Hypothetical court conversation :

    four motorcycle riders (obviously criminals as they ride ) v upstanding popo upholding the collection of funds to the government coffers . "They were speeding and endangering the public "

    us: "No we were not speeding sir"

    Judge : "Guilty" ..........pay money now + court costs ..............DOHHH !!!!!:nopity:
    worth it even if you loose your house to a lawyer for a principal
    Take it on the chin .......and never buy a police raffle ticket again
  17. I think they've been doing that for a while on the Ol' Pac... about a month or two ago a rider came into Road Warriors with a marked HWP car following closely behind. Two rider were leaving and the rider being followed said "Watch out, there's a cop about 2km up the road". We were having breakfast right next to where he stopped and corrected him, "No, he's right behind you!" Anyway, the copper asked for his license and asked "Do you know what speed you were doing back there?" to which the rider replied, "Yes, the posted limit". The cop argued that the rider was over the limit and admitted he didn't get a radar/lidar fix, he timed his passage between two fixed marks(?) He then went on to say he was going back to measure the distance and IF his average speed was over the posted limit, he'd issue a ticket and mail it out!
  18. Shit like that only does more damage to the general perception of the police...
  19. Was talking to me brother-in-law yesterday, who's a copper, after seeing a small car way above the speed limit in a residential zone. He confirmed that they (cops) can guestimate speed and give you a fine based on that. It is then up to the judge, if it comes to court, to uphold it based on the cop's experience, trustworthiness, etc. He actually went through this one time and had the fine confirmed by the court. Bullshit, is what your's truly thinks about this!
  20. It's possible to make a reasonable estimate of someone's speed, I'm sure. However, issuing multiple people with speeding tickets because you estimated the speed of one person? GTFO fascist dog.