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WA Double demerits expanded

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by middo, Apr 3, 2014.

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    Double demerits over long weekends has now been expanded to include running red lights and using hand held mobile phones. 6 points a go for each. That's half a licence.


    WA doesn't change the value of the fines, just the demerits. FWIW.
  2. One of the few stupidities we don't have here in Victoria. :) If something is an driving offense then it is the same offense all year round. Is there any evidence that suggest DD modify driving behaviour on holiday weekends? It is a disproportionate response when P1 and P2 license holders can loose their license for one offense.
  3. Victoria just has double cash - correct? I guess the Victorian government doesn't want to get bad drivers off the road - they'd lose too much revenue. ;)
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  4. I would say anecdotally... Yes, it changes driver behaviour
    1. Many people just don't venture out, particularly on two wheels
    2. People drive strictly (and annoyingly) to the speed limit

    hoever I think the whole Double demerit thing does nothing to address the real problems as the long weekend fatalities are always about the same. IMO the real problem is Fatigue and driver inexperience, and when i say inexperience I'm not talking about P-Platers but people who may only ever drive for 20mins at a time in suburbia heading out and doing 10hours on twisting single lane carriage ways.

    I also disagree with Double demerits as it, to me, sends the message that speed, seat belts, phones and red lights are okay every other day of the year just not long weekends, I also disagree that a P-PLater loses their license for less than 10km/h over while a full license holder gets ~$80 and 1 point. it seems a bit hypocritical i.e. it's okay to break the road rules if you have more experience behind the wheel???

    another strange one in NSW is if you qualify as a professional driver (which I do) you get 13 demerits instead of 12, which again sends the wrong message... if as a professional driver you can't hold on to your points you should probably choose another profession.
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  5. Victoria doesn't have double demerit points, but it has very well organised and highly visible enforcement programs/blitzes in holiday periods. A year or two ago, the Coroner's court analysed crash data in and outside of the christmas period blitzes and found that there was no change in KSI's rate. In broad terms, the targeted activities of enforcement campaigns weren't the root causes of the main crash type in these periods.

    Anyway, looks like WA will increase the pressure for Victoria to follow the DD path.
  6. Not so strange when you factor in the reasoning before providing 'professional' drivers with an additional demerit point.

    In addition, unrestricted licence holders have 13 demerit points, not 12, and 'professional' drivers have 14 demerit points, not 13. A professional driver simply someone who is accredited under the Passenger Transport Act 1990 and drives 20 hours or more a week.

  7. What's the crash rate and fatality rate between NSW, WA and Vic during DD and non-DD periods?

    I see that Prof. Johnston from MUARC (formerly) has had another shot at the current enforcement regime (crucifixion for speeding, first offence) saying that basically it's not working. Refreshing coming from a MUARC person. But I s'pose he doesn't need to rely on government favoritism in order to earn a living any more...
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    What's the reasoning? more time on the road means more chance of racking up points? because that simply isn't true. my farther drove trucks interstate and locally all his life and never lost his license.

    I've been driving professionally over 10 years and have never got a single point... i've copped a few on two wheels but never while working.

    you don't have to be accredited under that act.


    I don't think you could reasonably compare them.