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NSW Double demerits and travelling

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Often come Christmas/new year it's time to do some travelling about the country while battling with the curse of nsw government. Today I was coming home from Canberra along the Hume sitting at about 120, maybe a fraction over. I noticed a hwp sitting behind me. I moved over and he went by, then I moved back and continued on my way.

  2. Great thread would read again
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  3. I made a left turn yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
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  4. You might have just caught him in a good mood. Perhaps he'd just successfully shaken down a drug dealer?
  5. Perhaps :p. He was Goulburn hwp which should speak for itself. My experience is that they don't look twice for anything less than 125-130 (on freeways) despite what the fear mongers would have you believe. The cocksucker around Braidwood is a different story.
  6. The Goulburn guys don't have to worry too much about people at around 120 when there is always more than enough dopes doing over 130!

    But you're right, if by booking one of the aforementioned dopes at 130 they make the road safer for people doing the limit of a bit above, I'm not going to complain. Same as the minor inconvenience of being pulled over for RBT......
  7. Ive never heard of anyone getting booked (in a car) for doing 120 in a 110 zone, speedo error, tire pressure etc etc (im sure you already know everything im saying) make it such that almost all cars will be doing about 110 when indicated 120, or less even, and that if your car is 2005 < your all good to claim speedo error going upwards (as in, speedo reads slower than reality) up to 10% as that was the aus std at the time.
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  8. Hopefully out booking people for not keeping left unless overtaking. A far bigger danger in the roads than people doing gst.
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  9. They should book the fcukers that sit on 80-90 then speed up when there is a straight or overtaking lane.
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  10. Interesting though, Speedo on my focus actually reads under slightly, about 1-2 kmh less than actual. Makes it fun.
  11. Prince's highway is a different kettle of fish.
  12. Hey guys, im leaving for Qld. tomorrow and was wondering if i get caught speeding(heaven forbid) in NSW do i still score double demerit points on my Vic licence or do I only get single points. Never thought about it before.
  13. Any single lane highway, not just the Princes. But that's a horse of a different colour
  14. Only single I do believe.
  15. :ROFLMAO:
  16. You bring up a good point. A while ago scrubby had a press release stating that records for the first calendar year after the speeding penalties reallocation showed that no tickets were issued for 0-10 over in 100 zones in nsw. That's a pretty good record and matches what I was told by the same wanker previously mentioned.
  17. 130 is only another 3.bit metres per second more than 120. Not a while lot more.