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VIC Double Demerit Points

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jackarougi, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Does Victoria have double demerit points over some of the holidays throughout the year? I've heard some people saying yes and some people saying no, but I haven't been able to find anything that can definitively give me an answer. Thanks.

  2. I thought it was all Public Holidays, could be wrong though
  3. We don't have double demerits in Vic.

    I even got done speeding a few years ago in Sydney over New Years and they had the double demerits in force.

    I contacted Vicroads to confirm that double dermerits didn't apply to Vic licence holders. I only received the standard points.
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  4. Yes is the answer and I thought I saw a calendar floating around on this site for the days it applied but can't remember where???
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  5. Justus will chime in with a concise answer in 3....2....1....
  6. Nothing on the VicRoads site about double demerits.

    Whilst I was there, thought I'd check mine....I have none :). Guess I'm just lucky (for now).
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  7. I thought no. Quick search of VicRoads website for "Double Demerit" doesn't bring up anything. And a list of the penalty points for common offences doesn't mention that they could double at certain times.

    So until persuaded more authoratively, I still think no.

    Do you have any proper source for that answer Don?
  8. I have slightly more than that. Would you like to split them? It's only fair because as pillion, you were speeding too.
  9. Wasn't pillioning at Khancoban....they're all yours! AND you were leading and setting the pace..

    Damn hoon!
  10. Only from a guy in the VW club who got done a year or two ago who showed me the fine. If they've done away with it then I'll breathe a lot easier GreyBMGreyBM as I've only got 4 points to play with on restrictions I think???
  11. Don't think they have done away with it. I don't think we ever had it.
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  12. Victoria does NOT have double points!!
  13. I thought they trialled it a few years ago, but only for a couple of specific holiday weekends.
    I guess they didn't catch enough speeding or missed the revenue too much and never brought it in as a permanent thing like NSW.
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  14. You have the same amount of demerit points as your drivers license, i.e. if you're not on P's or L's it's something like 12 over a 12 month period before grovelling to avoid suspension.
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  15. Is there a way to check your demerit history online? I see on the vicroads website that you can call 1300 728 977 - but using a phone is so 20th century... :)
  16. It is, but you just need to key in your licence number and DOB so pretty east.
  17. I agree. I'm sure we had it as a trial. Rediculous nanny state! Varying speed zones, zones that are now constantly being reduced, make the whole place a 40kmh zone for f**** sake so they can even nab me on my pushie!
  18. Nah here in vic we're more worried about fine revenue than the demerits