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NSW Double Demerit points for Mobile phone use over Christmas

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cjvfr, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. The NSW government is making no apologies for raising the demerit penalty for mobile phone use while driving to six points for the Christmas period.

    "You might think this is a bit tough. I don't give a damn," said Roads Minister Duncan Gay. "We're deliberately making it tough. But if I save your life, I've done you a favour."

    The current demerit penalty for using your phone while driving is three points, which is set to increase to four in early 2016. Drivers caught using their phone in the double demerit period between December 24 and January 3 will accumulate six demerit points.

    Read more: NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay increases demerit points for drivers using phones
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  2. Targeting phones is not a bad thing IMO.
    Not totally comfortable with the idea of holiday double demerits though. There really isn't any statistical basis for it.
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  3. Hey! At least they found a new cash cow to add to the speed camera's!

    Double demerits do seem to do something though. You notice a lot more people driving the speed limit or just under, on those days!
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  4. Its a fine line, boody pun again, between fixing a problem and becoming draconian. They pulled it off with Drink Driving so maybe this will work. I admit I used to use my phone, dialing was by far the worst bit. But since I now use my Tom Tom as a hands free device and that is so much safer its amazing the one time I did use my phone I was really freaking out about it. Thats on a call, TEXTING is completely INSANE and should be crushed completely. I constantly see Imbeciles staring at there lap for long periods while driving
  5. Still not tough enough IMO.
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  6. I hate the arrogant bully language. It reminds me of something a domestic violence offender would say.

    "I know it hurts, but it's for you own good".

    Mobile phone crackdowns are about the sound bite on red-neck radio, not about doing anything real.
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  7. I agree with the focus. Hand held phone use is our driving generations drink driving. At least with drink drivers (which i completely condemn) they might still be keeping a look out, with phone users, particularly using text and connectivity they are driving blind. In two tonne machines. Right next to us, or our families.

    2nd offence and phone users should cop 3 months on the sidelines in my view - regardless of points. If I can be done for 1km/h over on P's, (and without having had a fine of any sort in 20 years) automatically spend 3 months on the sidelines without any warning - and thus lose my ability to insure my car, nor even rent one for the next 5 years and pay thousands in increased premiums for one mistake, I can't see why doing something so blatantly dangerous and avoidable as using a phone is not treated the same.
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  8. The technology already exists that can block manual interaction with a phone while it is in motion. It's even possible to limit screen function.
    But government would have to give up the revenue stream from penalties.
  9. I still don't understand why they give the Highway Patrol officers guns..... never mind double demerits, shoot the f***ing idiots.

    ...and as for the "spilt coffee in my lap" excuse........ shoot them, too.
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  10. Second offence........I do hope that these "sidelines" you talk of are really code for a very unfriendly building down in Goulburn, or just outside of Lithgow.
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  11. How does it know that it's the driver attempting to use the phone and not a passenger? FWIW I think cracking down on mobile phone use is a good thing to target.

    Double demerits for speeding, I am more skeptical about. It used to slow people down, but I think it's losing its effectiveness now that it's applied every long weekend.

    Also, I'm not sure there's any justification for it. I can't cite a source, but at uni I was taught there are two common News reporting biases which lead to public misconception. The first is that murders or assaults tend not to be reported when committed by a partner or family member, even though they are the most likely perpetrators, and the second is that MVAs are over reported on holiday periods, when in fact the rate of fatalities is fairly consistent throughout the year.

    Does anybody know of a source to verify that assertion?
  12. Exactly the problem ibast.

    I've often wondered if I got one of those wee cameras attached to my helmet, and recorded folk doing illegal shit like texting on their phone while driving, could I then take that recording to the cops and get some percentage of the resulting fine.

    Watchout! Heads down....flying pigs about!
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  13. What's the quote? "There are lies, damned lies, and statistics."

    Holiday times are when all those folk who normally only drive to the station, park and get the train, suddenly find the need to drive hundreds of kilometres, and, frankly, most of them suck at any driving.
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  14. Yes, but it wouldn't surprise me if most of them only have relatively minor accidents. Especially if the volume of traffic limits their scope for bad overtaking and slows them down at corners and intersections. Plus they're probably fairly relaxed and not aggressively trying to make a deadline.
  15. Sorry, FatBoy, but I totally disagree.

    Typically, I think they ARE trying to meet a possibly unachievable deadline.

    They've booked to be someplace......maybe asked Google how long it might take, and failed to take into account all the other buggers on the road at any given holiday time.

    They aren't used to driving for a longish period of time, get tired, get bored, get slack(er)...... :-(
  16. you don't remember what it was like before double demerits????

    holy crap, the number of fully laden 4WD's and people movers (and all cars really) doing absolutely stupid shit, overtaking on double lines at 120-130 with traffic oncoming....
    all so they can get to their caravan park 2 minutes earlier... utter insanity....

    and on dual lane highways, 1/4 sitting on speed limit,1/2 sitting 20 k's above that, and 1/4 weaving in between everyone else trying to do 5 k's faster than that...

    at least now the weekday numpties think twice about dumb overtakes, and most people stay within 10-15k's of speed limits..

    and f#ck phone users.... how many times have you been stuck at lights, because some retard is texting and didn't see lights change? or had people randomly swerve into your lane for no reason? grrrrr
    if I see someone on the phone ahead of me and they don't see lights change, now they get a friendly toot :p and then a not so friendly one (when I'm in cage)
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  17. Yeah, maybe I don't. My memory is that the highway traffic I've been in has never been fast enough to speed in on a long weekend. I do remember when double demerits first started that the people left in Sydney were so scared that lots would do 10-15ks under the limit, but it doesn't seem to have that effect any more. (I work most public holidays, so I'm not usually out of town).
  18. Double demerits still doesn't stop people from falling asleep at the wheel....Or getting distracted by passengers...

    Driving any major coastal road out of Sydney during the december holidays feels like the most dangerous time on the road by far to me.

    I don't have a source, but it's pretty much a given. A family getting killed during Xmas or Mothers/Fathers Day is going to tug at the viewers hearstrings far more than a crash at other times of the year, and as such are given more priority over other stories.
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  19. Should be 6 demerit points all year 'round and $1000 fine.
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  20. Wow oldcorollasoldcorollas it is soooo rare for you to get your gander up :)
    I agree with your sentiments.

    The number of people "driving" with their elbows (and on occasion looked like their knees!) whilst texting or wildly gesticulating and at the same time checking in their rearview mirrors to make sure they look great whilst doing it, is a big worry.
    I have ridden and driven behind people where I have thought oheeee full as a tick, only to get past and see them texting on the phone.
    As it is a deliberate act I reckon when they kill another person as a result of their inattention on the road, then they should be should charged with culpable manslaughter.
    I have found as I get older, I can have music playing when I am on freeways etc but if I am parking or driving in strrets somewhere I haven't been before, I have to turn the radio off.
    I also have next to zero tolerance for my mother yapping at me when in the same scenario. Her mute button is a gag...joking sort of.
    Yacking on a mobile or texting whilst driving or riding, na. I can't stand it. One or the other for me.

    In my early days when on call, it was a pager and find a phone, then a pager and a house brick like mobile phone then an irritating constantly contactable mobile.
    About to start back on call in the new year and get this, I will have two mobile phones for on call PLUS a bloody laptop to access patient records/results etc! Was easier to just stay at the hospital in an on call room and do things in person to be honest.
    Ah the olden days with pigeons...:oldman:
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