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Double Dee Helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by shadow 95, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Does anybody know if helmets with double D straps are the onloy legal ones or are their ones with clips that are legal
    My daughter (14) rides with me a lot and but has major dramas with the double catch and end up doing it !! just wondering if there was an easier solution Thanks

  2. My BMW helmet has a ratchet locking system with no double D straps and has all the AS stickers on it.
  3. There are some helmets available with clip in type fasteners. The fastener must be 'permanently attached' ie not an added on item.
  4. Show off! :)

    Up until the System 6, all previous BMW helmets had a clip together type fastening.

    They were still legally approved.
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  6. Teach your daughter to do the strap up herself.

    the reason why you don't find the seatbelt type clips anymore is because it is a bad design.

    Every time you do a Double-d strap up it is to the right tightness, the seat belt clips ended up lose after time and did nothing.
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  7. I am trying to teach her but it is a slow process by the time she gets her ipod sorted out and the intercom plugged in most people on the ride are nearly at the next stop but I have told her she will have to practice in front of the mirror every night
  8. Until she can handle a D fastener on her helmet - the iPod and intercom can wait.....they are NOT ESSENTIAL.

    She'll soon learn how to strap the D link correctly if you take away her tunes :D

    Priorities mate....C'mon.
  9. I was thinking just leave her by the side of the road a few times... :devil: