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double d straps

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by n1ck, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. i just bought a nolan helmet and it has a double d strap instead of the standard seat belt kinda strap.. and so far i have no luck on trying to figure out how to fasten the straps hahaha so i thought id ask the more experienced one.. owh and where do i put the "L" plate in my bike?? i was looking for a spot behind the bike to stick it up at but can't seem to find a spot :-(.. thanx guys!!.. owh and by the way, just bought my first bike a few days ago!!!! woooohooo!!!..

  2. What did you buy?

    With the helmet. Push the strap through both d rings then push up in between the 2 and thread back.....
  3. Double-d straps aren't too difficult to work out, simply push the strap through both rings then double it back over and pass it between the two rings (hope this makes sense). Usually possible to attach an l-plate either above, below or beside the number plate.
  4. thanx guys.. i bought a honda cbr250r.. 40,000 kms.. good condition overall (just need to fix a few bits a pieces).. $3800 with a year rego.. i'm lovin it so far!!
  5. you stick the L plate to the back of your helmet :wink:
  6. hi

    i had trouble with my hjc helmet when first rode so here is the diagram i looked at and laughed at myself after but anyways i hope all double d locks are the same


    as for l plate put through one of the number plate holder bolts.....

    hope this helps and remember what you learnt at Ls training
  7. my l plate is hung from the centre screw that is used to hold the registration sticker thingy on the bike.. it cveres the sticker, but it was a pain in the arse when i hung it beow the rego sticker.. you ver heard a push bike when you tape a playing card into the rear spokes?? well imagine what that sounds like at 80 KPH - the l plate was hanging down and running through the tryre pattern and it was freakin annoying.
  8. I thought Double D was the helmet standard Not the seat belt type. I could be wrong but 80% of the helmets i see are double D straps
  9. from what i remember being told by the sales person in the store, the double d straps are THE most safest form of fastening
  10. Hay dose any one know what would happen if I get caught on my L's riding alone with no plates
  11. nothing good i'd say
  12. You win a prize for being the coolest newbie out there :roll: .
  13. Yep, double D's are the standard, and better than seat belt type links ;)
  14. if the officer decides not to believe your story that "it was there when i did my safety check before setting off this morning - it must have blown off ;)" you'll cop a fine of around $160. technically it's also 3 points however this doesn't really apply since you're on your L's.