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Double check VicRoads double dip !

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kitt, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Not sure if this has been said before ...

    A reader of a well known Bike Magazine who recently learned he was being charged the compulsory TAC levy twice is urging Riders to double check thier rego costs if the own more then one motorcycle registered for general use .

    The road Safety Act says that a rider with more then one motorcylce registered for general use will only pay the TAC levy once a year and not once for every registered motorcycle .

    All Vic Roads has to do is punch in the licence number and they have all the info at hand ... if you have been taxed twice contact VicRoads on 131171

    I reckon this should apply to cars too .. ho hum :roll:

  2. hmmmm, might just check that...
  3. There's been a couple of cases I've followed up. Invariably they've been where someone has had a different address for each bike or they've used a variation on their name (e.g. Tony instead of Anthony :grin: )or there's been a typo so it didn't match.

    Or - as in one case - the second bike was in his wife's name! :roll:

    It's the registration name and address that are checked - not the licence (since you don't need to have a licence to have a vehicle registered in your name).

    It's always a good idea and just common sense to check your rego (or any other bill).
  4. If that's the case, do you get it back or is that fair game?
  5. No - it's not in your name. They have to be registered to the same person.
  6. Those greedy fu...........

    Actually, that's fair ;)
  7. ok what about if you pay the rego for your bike in feb then sell it, and purchase another one which the rego is due in may (only a few months later). do you pay the premium both times even though you have already paid it once that year?
  8. Would you have 2 bikes registered to you at the same time the rego's were due ??

    If the answer is NO ... then you have answered the question ...

    If in doubt the number to call is in post 1 ^^
    edit *

    ps .. I'm just posting the information I read for the benefit of Riders ..
  9. I called them, according to VicRoads I haven't paid twice, it would appear when I brought the new bike I had a special exemption code applied. Will check the VicRoads paper work when I get home.
  10. yes they were registered at the same time in my name but i had sold the other one by the time the rego for the second one came in...
  11. after reading this thread I told a friend who has 2 bikes. She called Vicroads who then asked her "How did you find out about this?!" :LOL:

    Only works out to be about $60, but still $60 back in her pocket!
  12. Does this apply foa recreational reg'd dirtbike and a road bike?
  13. Ring the number in the first post for clarity.
  14. Great post/reminder Kitt.

    I recently sold my Gixer 750 K7 and as the sale conditions involved me transferring the rego from NSW to VIC, I made sure they didn't charge me TAC charges twice, as I had picked up my R1 literally 2-3 weeks earlier.
    They 'ummed' and 'eerred', checking up books for codes etc. Eventually, they found it in the system that an amount of $50 had already been deducted when the R1 was purchased - I was the owner of both bikes at that stage. I argued with the traffic officer/counter guy that I demanded not a discount but a total fee waiver. I learnt that day that one gets a deduction, as stated above.
    Makes you wonder ! How many unsuspecting road users would not be aware of this, hence being 'ripped off' whilst the benefits go to VIC Roads' Xmas parties, or Kevin Rudd's mansions... Can't trust any of these organisations. I wonder where the $499 dollars for personalised VIC plates really goes :roll:

    Don't let them get away with anything !