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Double Bubble??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by booga, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Howdy,
    I've just come across this site which sells tinted screens (among other things);

    And they have whats called the Double Bubble screen, a descript is:

    "Acrylic high double bubble screen to suit Honda CBR250RR.
    Add some style and at the same time prevent harsh UV light from fading your tacho dials.
    Awesome clarity, fit and finish, this screen in raised profile looks great."

    What IS a double bubble screen, and are these worth it at $129(+s&h?) or can i get a tinted somewhere else, and what price am i looking at?

  2. A double bubble is basically a bigger screen than standard which is still 'sporty' and not a 'barn-door' (touring screen).
  3. They are a good screen . I had probs on my ZX9 with the wind buffering my head everywhere putting strain on my neck . Replaced the original with a double bubble and worked wonders .
  4. And here I was thinking, looking at the thread title, it was going to be something to do with CB radio's :p :wink: :)

    Double Bubble would be what a police car is called for those of you unfamiliar with CB language
  5. hehe ... I was reminiscing about that old Amiga game that had a similar name ... oh the memories .... :roll:
  6. look up screens for bikes in the yellow pages... they are realy good and realy cheep...
  7. you wouldnt happen to be talkin about bubble bobble would you?
  8. The term "double bubble" WAS CB radio slang for a Victorian police higway patrol car back in the late 70's early 80's (because the cars had two lights on the roof)

    If someone said "Double bubble on your backdoor." you knew exactly what they meant!!!
  9. Yeah ...thats the one :) ... well i did say it was a "similar" name :D
  10. rc36 you need to put your glasses on or get a new pair cos if you look carefully at the bottom of my original post you would've seen this.......

  11. pfffft

    Youse young blokes don't got no respect for us old guys with failing eyesight!

    It was written in about size 2 font for heaven's sake.
  12. I think Nova gave it a pretty good description!

    If you don't have any issues with your current screen, may as well keep your money. But for some bikes they're a good idea, particularly if you're a taller rider, and can't get behind the small screens on modern sportsbikes. Good example is the new ZX6R - the screen cuts through the tacho for most people, it's so low. Double-bubbles on them are quite popular.
  13. must be a kawasaki thing... my zx9r screen is so low, but its great once
    you're tucked in :)
  14. Might be Androo - though the screen on my GPX is about the same size as can be found on some nakeds, so not designed for cruising or high speed stuff. That said, it's a 250: they don't know what high speed is. ;)
  16. the double bubble is great with the wind,make sure u get a tinted one,stay away from crome look cos it chips away from rocks!!!!!