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Double Bubble Screens

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I found a company that will do a "double bubble" screen for the ZZR. I was just wondering from how much of a difference these screens make over the original?? Has anyone experienced the change from a standard screen to a double bubble screen and if so what sort of difference did it make??

  2. it does help with the wind a great deal mate,im only a little bloke on the bike.
  3. good find mate, keep us zzr riders updated, how much $$$ for it?
  4. $130
    Here is the E-mail reply the guy sent after i enquired about it
    It also come in a range of colours which include:
    • Clear
      Dark Tint
      Light Tint
      Bronze Tint
      Tahitian Green
      Dark Green
      Light Blue
      Matte Blue
      Dark Blue
      Nostalgic Purple
      Matte Purple
      Solid Purple
      Solid Gloss Black
      Solid White
      Solid Yellow
      Dark Green
      Tahitian Green
      Plonk-Bottle Green
  5. Eagle Screens are good, i've now bought 3 of them for my bikes.
    As for performance, there's not alot of difference except at high speed, plus you will loose top end speed by around 10kph to
  6. Yeah, so all you hoons that top your bikes out in the 50km/h zones, you might want to look at something different.

    Mr dyno tester has done the sums and has arrived at the 10km/h finding.

    You should ask Sam Michael for a job :LOL:
  7. I swapped the original Across screen for an Eagle Screens Double bubble.

    Excellent standard of manufacture, bolt holes lined up perfectly, good service, well padded for transporting and fast delivery

    First thing I noticed was a lot less buffeting of the boof head at 90 kph and above, and an equivalent reduction in wind noise. lower speeds like legal town commuting there is no difference, except the larger area of tinted screen (if you get tinted) makes the guages easier to read in certain light conditions.

    10/10 from me :D

  8. Looks like i will be getting one then, i was seriously considering it but after a wrap like that how can i so no!! Just out of curiousity which grade of tint did you get??

  9. DARK :twisted:

    Phanoongy of the finger cutting fame also had an across with an Eagle DB screen, that's who I plagarised the idea from


    EDIT.. it also fits the netrider vinyl sticker perfectly across the base :wink:
  10. OK I have not read beyond the $130 mark..

    I have a double B on my VFR... I bought it from Screans for bikes about 3 years ago.. it is also tinted... I know I did NOT pay $130... (I'm a cheep scate)

    Give them a call and see how much they charge... you might be supprised...
  11. Iffracem
    Been a while since we have heard from you, All is well I trust?
  12. G'day guys,

    I've been looking around for a dark tinted DB screen for my 02 F4i.

    The main reason i'm going for it is because of my daily commuting posture the factory screen blocks some of the top gauges like the indicator and the neutral lights. :x

    So i'm just wondering if anyone has used them on an F4i and found them to be a DEFINITE improvement? (Wind buffeting is not much of an issue with a daily ride at max 80km/h) I'm more concerned about how much of an 'upward sweep' there is on the screen and if it does make a significant impact warranting a change of the screen. :?

    Also i'd been advised to contact PowerBronze. Are they any better/same/worse than Eagle screens? They claim that they're the only ones with a great quality product, others are cheap 'n plastic stuff, hence the much higher $185 price tag? :?

    Thanks for the advise and the great posts. Brilliant thread as far as i'm concerned! :D
  13. Not an f4, but the original screen on my bike also blocked the guages, the DB made a noticeable improvement. I like it most for being able to get down out od the wind and still being able to see the road when going for it. After all, when have you ever seen a race bike without a DB screen? I reckon they look horn also, but am a big hater of tinted screens! Just not practical.
  14. Can i ask which company did you go with cammo? EagleScreen/Powerbronze or someone else? Also a ballpark figure of what i should expect to fork out for it?

    Thanks for the feedback mate. appreciate it.
  15. Not sure of the brand of my DB screen, I went through a raceglass company and got it for $60 (they sourced the screen, didn't manufacture it). Although the fitment and quality of Eagle screens sounds excellent, there is just no way that I would be forking out $130! I would be looking at around half that.

    I'm quite sure that a DB screen could be found for an F4 for under $100, although it won't be a 'brand name' item.