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Do's and Don'ts

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ouicava, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Do's and Don'ts, post them up here.

    Don't: Downshift when cornering

    Don't: Forget to buckle up when riding with an open face helmet

    Do: Not bend over and check the clearance of your new panniers over the exhaust pipe from behind when the bike is running.

    That's all I have for starters, feel free to add your own....
  2. How about..DON'T wear an open face Helmet in the first place...
    ...unless of course...you like rocks in the face and often eat bugs for dinner.. :eek:
  3. That's a don't.
  4. Yeah, that's what I said :wink:
  5. Unless you're in the wrong gear and bogging down on the corner exit.
  6. DO slow down while ridering in the wet
    DO slow down before entering a round about - even if you can see it's clear
    DON'T go through a round about without slowing down enough, come out of the corner wide, doing a small jump from the divider between lanes
    DO Find somewhere safe to practice your cornering skills
  7. DO NOT spell riding, ridering :LOL:
  8. Haha! beat me to it :p

    DO leave the testosterone at home - guys and gals
    DO wear "All the Gear, All the Time"
    DON'T forget to do your weekly bike maintainence check - esp if you ride everyday
    DON'T be tempted to drag off Dunnydore cagers or similar, at lights [-X

    ... I'm sure there's lots more :-k
  9. It wasn't me, it was the bike :wink: I let them all go anyway, if they're in that much of a rush, I'll just sit behind them and go my own way.

    DO watch all intersections all the time, orange lights mean go faster.
    DO make sure your sidestand is down and stable before getting off the bike
    DON'T let yourself get bullied into doing something silly on the roads, we all want to be around for Christmas and beyond
    DON'T ride beyond your skill or comfort level. Just because your friends can get a knee down on a certain corner, doesn't mean you should.
  10. ^ +1!

    Couldn't have put it better!! :)
  11. Don't take advice from strangers. :p
  12. Don't admit to liking anything by Kamahl, despite him seeming so cool at the "Big Day Out" concerts.
  13. DONT low side at EC on T5. :cool:
    DONT wreck your gloves and leather by doing the above
    DO try and fix your bike so you can do it all again

    At least that was my weekend :LOL:
  14. Do rev your bike loudly in the morning, announcing to your neighbours that you're a proud owner of a motorcycle.

    Don't take any notice of them when they give you evil stares :p
  15. Do put the left glove on first
  16. :rofl:
  17. Thats a do for me to, dunno why tho. If i grab my right glove first i'll put it down then put on the left :?

    Anywho i like this thread lets keep it going
  18. T5 would have to be one of the safer corners at EC, an uphill lefty. Was it as soon as you tipped in? Or did you wash the front out through the corner? You must've been trying to carry heaps of corner speed? Share your experience?

    Sorry for the threadjack.
  19. DO remember to switch the reserve off after filling up so you dont have the nice surprise of no petrol whilst travelling 100km

    DO unnecessarily blip the throttle when changing down gears

    DO unnecessarily drop it down gears when going through a tunnel

    DO give it a really loud rev and fast take off when you see kids on bmx bikes yelling and waving at you

    DO stand up and pull your wedgy out at the lights. No one can see you and everyone wishes they could do that in public.

    DO be nice to the Scooter rider you pull up next to at the lights. A simple G'day doesnt go astray (happened to me last night and it turned out it was this guys first ever ride after getting his Ls that day.. 2 wheels is 2 wheels no matter how much of a girls blowse they may look in the Meer Cat position)

    DO spend as much work time as possible cruising through netrider and or various other bike sites searching for ways to modify your bike, spend money on it, plan an upgrage, post threads about stuff like this.

    DONT ever ride angry or straight after a blue with a loved one or friend.

    DO always take the time to mellow and sort angry - stressfull sh*t out before you press that GO FAST button on the handlbars.
  20. :shock: You mean i really am invisible!

    I love getting paid for doing what i love :LOL: