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Dorsoduro 750

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Man Hands, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Got my dorso about a month ago after being on a street triple for a while. I kind of kind of wanted a proper supermoto like a husky SMR610 but the dorso just seemed way more versatile. So far the dorso has been sweet....comfortable riding position, plenty of power from the 750 V-Twin, good suspension, amazing brakes, and its one of the best sounding engines I have ever heard stock. Its a very tall bike....I'm 6'2' and can't comfortably flat foot it. When I get back on the trumpy it feels like a mini bike.

    Still getting used to the riding style but it definitely feels supermoto-ish.....come in to a corner hard on the front brake, point the front wheel where you want to go and open the throttle! Not as agile as the trumpy but its just so much fun around town. I'm yet to properly get it out on the twisties but will do so after the 1000km service this week. It runs ride by wire throttle which takes a bit of getting used to. Three switchable engine maps - sport, touring and rain. Sport mode is very touchy and not practical around town so I end up riding in touring mode most of the time. Rain mode is a waste of time.

    Overall I am loving it....here's some pics.




  2. I'm really coming around to the Supermoto thing. I really didn't get it until recently - I guess they're the ultimate urban assault machine.

    Love the Dorso mate !
  3. very nice indeed!!
  4. yep, probably 80% of my riding is commuting into the CBD and the dorso is perfect for it. The extra ground clearance means skipping over curbs is easy. Speed bumps become 'sweet jumps' (napolean dynamite fans :D ). The only downside is the bars are way too wide for splitting traffic. I will probably get rid of the bark busters for this reason which will give another 3" of clearance.
  5. hot machine
  6. more people will start to understand them soon enough. they just are stupid fun.

    love the bike mate, would love to ride one.
  7. gorgeous looking ride
  8. Very nice mate. Make sure you have her insured all right!
  9. So beautiful - would love to see how these things go in the dirt with a pair of off road wheels
  10. I really like the look of these things...never worked out why to be honest, as it reminds of an ugly chick with a really good body lol...but its got enough curves to keep a brother beggin for more! mmmm hmmmmmmmm
  11. How's the fuel consumption - I read that these mean machines are Thhhiiiirrrrrsssssty!

    Did I mention they like fuel?
  12. Really nice. As someone mentioned above, I'm starting to get it too. Who knew practicality could be so fun ay?

    edit; well clearly alot of people. haha the smart ones anyway.
  13. You wouldn't happen to work in Melbourne CBD would ya?
    I parked my R6 next to one this morning, that is never normally there. Bit of a co-incidence. It looks identical to yours (as they probably all do!)
  14. The hardcore motard crew will jump in any time now and tell you that only singles are the real thing... and they've got a point. Neither a Dorso nor my KTM twin would stand a chance in a proper SM race. Too heavy.
    But you can ride them motard style, or any other damn way you want, and that's where they leave the singles in their niche. I had a long hard look at the Aprilia, and I still think they are good value.
    Upgrade the shock.
  15. Outside the ANZ building? If so then yep that's mine! I just usually park it a bit further up the street but wanted to keep it out of the way today with the GF parade.

    Bitstar - fuel consumption is actually not too bad, its just the tank is only 12L so it needs regular fill ups.
  16. Wholly Schmolly! Yes thats me! Yes thats You!

    I went and moved mine before the parade started bcoz there were a few people down there. Its just round the corner now!
    PMing you now..
  17. nice bike mate!