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News Dopey Rider Caught at Court

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by Mouth, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Was it you? :woot:(y)


    A Frankston North man had his motorcycle impounded upon arriving at court yesterday.

    Frankston Highway Patrol members saw the 55-year-old man riding his Kawasaki Ninja into the car park at Frankston Magistrates’ Court about 3pm.

    The man’s licence was already suspended due to demerit points.

    He was spoken to by police and returned a positive oral fluid test, which indicated the presence of illicit drugs.

    The motorcycle was impounded from the court car park for a period of 30 days and the man will have to pay $1032 towing and storage costs to get it back.

    He is expected to be charged on summons with drive while suspended and drug driving.

    Investigators are awaiting forensic testing of the oral fluid test.

    Ref: Dopey rider caught at court - Victoria Police News
  2. Must have forgotten to take that Listerine tab before the test hey......

    What's interesting is that it sounds like they didn't have the drug van there, rather just pulling the drug kit from someone's pocket.
  3. What a dumbo!!!!
  4. They must have been waiting for him
  5. Ninja rider from Frankstone. . . . . Is anybody suprised?
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  6. Fair enough he did the wrong thing but cops charging thousands for "storage" costs is bullshit. fcuking leeches
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  7. I disagree. It's all part of the process, to discourage him, and anyone who reads the article in this case, from doing what this stupid prat did, in the future.
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  8. Oh dear ! I guess when some people went swimming in the gene pool they just never got their head wet :facepalm:
  9. "part of the process" lol. What part of "towing and storage" do you not understand.

    Charging $1032 for removal and storage of a motorcycle for a month is organized crime.

    Read the "Australian" and the Sydney Morning Herald newspapers.
    Victoria is run by thieving union thug gangster politicians;
    their accomplices are the Victoria Police and their criminal underworld connections.

    Supreme Court Judge and Royal Commissioner Don Stewart has described the Victoria Police as "Corrupt"
    in no uncertain terms.

    The width and breadth of corruption of the "administration" of Victoria is such that Don Stewarts findings
    are "censored" from Victorian media.

    I strongly agree with Base Jumper and Don Stewart.
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  10. I got no sympathy for a drug using unlicensed rider:stop:
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  11. Seeing as Kawasaki labels 150cc learners machines Ninjas, and many other units up to and everywhere in between their homologation model for World Super Bike Racing and the Ninja labeled supercharged H2R; there is a "Kawasaki Ninja" for a huge motorcycling demographic, so there is no reason for surprise that anyone would be riding a Kawasaki Ninja... Kinda like one would not be surprised to hear; "humans drink water". Your
    point with this, is in fact pointless.

    As for you labeling Frankston, "Frankstone": Either you are ignorant of how Frankston is spelled or
    you are implying that people from Frankston are likely to be "stoned"... on what one would assume is
    cannabis... and just for the record, the people I know from Frankston are as straight as arrows.

    I put it to you; alcohol (that is legal here) causes more grief and tragedy in a decade than cannabis
    has in all of human history.

    You implications are grossly out of order ibast.
  12. no, it's a penalty for being a dumbarse... an unlicenced druggo dumbarse.. :)

    there are good and bad people in every suburb... just some suburbs seem to hit the news for having bigger dumbarses more often than others.. Frankston is just one of those suburbs..
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  13. I quite like Kawasaki, because they are a little bit different and the are a little bit the Japanese underdog, but I've always found the use of "Ninja" a little bit bogan dumb. It always gives me visons on a middle adged 3 toothed bogan banging on about how his Ninja is faster than any other bike.

    And let's face if Frankston does have a reputation similar to Mt Druitt in NSW and Ipswitch in QLD.

    Very fitting to the Ninja IMO.

    It was a ribbing for both Frankston and Kawasaki riders at most.
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  14. Psssssst have a look under ibastibast name under his avatar :p (someone took the bait haha)
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  15. Well that little fact finding mission back and forth made me chuckle.

    Sometimes irony is just........... ironic, eh?
  16. Tasmanian motorcyclist faces hooning charge after alleged high-speed wheelie

    this guy has been similarly unjustly ans harshly inconvenience for simply riding his motorcycle...
    how dare the cops impound his bike!!! so unjust, such impingement on his freedoms!!

    all the 22 year old did was ride with a suspended licence, doing a wheelie at approx. double the 80km/hr speed limit..

    surely the police (ie we the taxpayer) should be paying for his bike storage AND paying him for the inconvenience of him not being able to ride his bike without a licence??


    I still think storage fees are used as an additional method of fining someone for being a dumbarse.
    ie, if the usual fines and loss of licence have not worked, the storage fee is considered an additional monetary penalty, particularly when they are riding with suspended licence..
    if they don't give a shit about having a licence, maybe they'll give a shit about having to pay a couple of hundred bucks? probably not, will likely be garnered at $5 a week from their welfare payments..
  17. I reckon it's a fit up oldcorollasoldcorollas ...................... the cops have even asked the ABC news to reach out and trawl for witnesses. It never happened I tell you :

    Any witnesses to the alleged incident are asked to contact Bridgewater police

    I smell a rat, we need a fwee bigguth dickuth campaign.
  18. it's Tasmania.. could have been his clone or something...

    or maybe the cops were just jealous... 160k wheelie is a good effort!
  19. or a twin headed brother
  20. how would they prove which one was controlling the bike? hmmmm