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NSW Dopey motorbike riders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CrazyCam, May 18, 2014.

  1. Sounds like the idiot was going to give his 2 year old a couple of short runs up his quiet street. In doing so breaking probably every single law possible. While not the riskiest thing ever done on a motorcycle his certainly going to regret it.

    At least the general public would think he represents idiots and not motorcyclists.
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  2. The note that the kid is now with his mother tends to indicate they are separated. He has probably done immense damage to his access rights.

    I tene to agree with Smilee though he will be considered and idiot rather than am idiot motorcyclist.
  3. Not just NSW either, in Vic we have our own heroes;


    A HOON who was clocked going at 205km/h in a 100km/h zone has apologised to police for being stupid.
    Police put the brakes on the 24-year-old Epping man shortly after 11am this morning when he was caught racing through the Healesville-Kinglake Road in Castella, north of Melbourne..

    When asked why he was going so fast, the man bluntly admitted: ``I’m an idiot.’’

    The man’s high-performance Honda CBR 1000 was impounded immediately under hoon legislation.

    The driver is expected to be charged on summons.
  4. Hmm ok so the Police are patrolling the Toolangai side now. Interesting Intelligence tidbit.
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  5. I can't be bothered with the road from Kinglake to Healesville any more. The best bits feel too skatey now, so I'm always wondering when I'm going to lose grip. When I get back on the bike after my surgery-induced holiday, the council will have graded the table drains again, and the road will be covered in clay again. I really give up on that road now! There are plenty of other roads that are good without puckering my anus too much...
  6. Heckenberg, One suburb over from where I live, how embarrasing (Wasn't me in the article)
  7. "dropped the bike and ran off." Obviously not a real motorcyclist.
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  8. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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  9. or three in this case ;)
  10. Psst... There were only two words... One was repeated... ;)
  11. What a foolish toad.

    Yes he will have damaged his access to his little one...not just because of putting the child on the bike but the rest of the anecdote as well. Booze and bikes bad enough but add a toddler to the mix and it shows a DarwinAwards lack of thought for the child's well being... It shits me when separated couples do this sort of thing, thinking of themselves or shocking the ex rather than the child.

    Carey Hart did this a while back sans booze...to me probably not wise from a high profile role model perspective but his skill also puts him in a parallel universe that puts him beyond your average nong.

    Don't for one moment think I am bloke bashing, when it comes to family law women can be equally violent and equally stupid and equally lacking in child focus it is just usually blokes.
  12. I would point out that Carey Hart was not riding around on public roads, rather he was riding in I believe his own backyard, and as you said, presumably stone cold sober.
  13. Kinda sounds like he might have been on something small like a pee wee 80 or something.

    I'm an advocate of the start 'em young principle, but it really should be kept in large backyards or pieces of farm land. Somewhere with soft ground and no scathing eyes.
  14. OK, who here hasn't exceeded the speed limit by >100% at some stage?

    Who knows how long he was going along at 200km/h. On a sportsbike you can be up to 200 and back down to 100 in a few seconds.
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  15. you expect people here to admit they are less than totally law abiding citizens
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  16. ....deathly hush!

    Very true, but not without knowing and intending it.
  17. how about 3x? :p

    it's all about time and place... in front of cops is neither the right time or right place :D
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  18. Waves!

    Shortly after the demise of the dinosaurs, I was in Glasgow, and had an old Austin A30.

    I spent a lot of time at the Glasgow Uni Beer bar, and the road upto it had a 20 mph speed limit, as opposed to the normal 30 in the rest of town, so, I took it as a challenge and eventually managed to do the 3 times the speed limit.:finger:

    But, I am much older and wiser now........(cough, choke)
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