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Dopey Election Stuff

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Following on from Rob's comments in the Vote-a-matic thread, about a lack of loonie candidates I thought a thread highlighting some of the sillier candidates and their platforms could be in order.

    I'll start with the Socialist Alliance candidate for Gellibrand (Rob's electorate)

    (he) hopes the Australian people will send a message to the Australian government that it must join with countries like Bolivia to seek real solutions to climate change

    All those alpacas farting must be a real methane problem...

    And then then there's the Socialist Alliance candidate for Wills (my electorate)

    his other major interest is building solidarity with the revolutionary movements of Latin America.

    Hmm... is this a trend building for the SA, or as it's better known - the Che Guevara fan boyz. :)

    The Liberal Candidate for Wills hasn't said anything really dumb so far (well no dumber than anyone else) but anyone who looks like this must be at least a little silly.

  2. David Barker is my fave. or was. his ass got sacked, HIT THE BRICKS, KID!
    "someone get me into pariliament and wind me up and watch me go, i guess they will see my talent as the voice of David Clarke, Cory Bernanrdi and God himself"
    "voting should only be voluntary for Liberal and National Voters the rest can not bother since with every vote they bring the nation closer to the brink of disaster and closer to the hands of a muslim country"
    "my dreams have come true let's party and welcome tony abbott gods mouth piece to the liberal leadership welcome tony we will gladly serve under you"
    "I vote for freedom of worship if the worship is of Jesus Christ or The Jewish God anyone lelse well they are worshipping a false god anyway so who cares"
  3. Wow, just wow.
    Not to paint all with the same brush, but when I see an OBESE man who is spouting religious crap I immediatly think hick american. (no offense if there are any hick americans out there)

    Glad that guy is out.
  4. I wonder how much his wife cost?
  5. Not as much has his meals for a day.
  6. Now now. Just because a hugely unattractive and deeply unpleasant man has a quite OK looking Asian wife doesn't necessarily mean she arrived by FedEx.
  7. You're all too cynical. She was sent by God.
    It was her punishment for having sinned
  8. Obviously it is wrong to assume she was sent by FedEx.... There are heaps of courier companies that could have sent her.
  9. Obviously Russian girls are more selective.
  10. The Liberal Party weren't when they preselected him.
  11. On the basis of a brief phone interview apparently. Not the full preselection panel.
  12. He just filled the seat well.
  13. and rounded out the party nicely
  14. he brings a lot of weight to the discussion
  15. But if he's not all there, why should the full preselection panel be?
  16. British Politics used to be so much more fun; remember Screaming Lord Sutch, the head of the Monster Raving Loonie Party? :LOL:
  17. But in Australia the Loonies have now gone mainstream...
  18. leaving only the Greens to be loony :LOL:
  19. So the left is more selective than the right?

    Back more OT, there was an article yesterday about how some Family First underling approached the Sex Party for a preference deal.
  20. The left have selected some pretty poor candidates but I struggle to think of any who've been quite so loopy, inarticulate and personally unattractive. They've really got the trifecta here.