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door was open

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pace, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Pace here, somebody left the door open and I've
    been looking for a while so I thought I better say hello

    Been riding since I was a kid, legal for the past 14yrs
    I got a 79 GS850 just running
    an 85 Tenere offroad no reg.
    and the love of my life and I ride her every day my red over white 08 900 Monster.

  2. Hello to you to! Nice to meet you! Welcome to NR
  3. welcome :) don't worry, i shut the door so no one else can bother us anymore
  4. Hiya Pace, always good to have new people around!

    Hol! You all settled in in your new place? Looks like my being in gladstone has been pushed back to about April, but watch this space ;).
  5. welcome Pace, where ya from mate
  6. hola amigo, como estas

    Um ... harlo ....hav ar yu, velcom tu zi forum
  7. welcome :)
  8. Welcome mate, gota love the Ducaties.
  9. G'day mate


    Fun Ha!
  10. thanks for the welcome. goz I'm from Orbost in Victoria but ride up to the burbs twice a month to see my son.
  11. Welcome to netrider
  12. Welcome to NR :D Enjoy !!!
  13. Hello Hello!!

  14. Are you a good pace or a wicked pace?

    Welcome to the forummm
  15. thanks mate
    on the dirt I'm a fast pace
    on the road I'm a steady pace
  16. sounds good, maybe we can keep pace