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Door opened on me Supercheap style

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Kevo954, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Travelling to work yesterday morning and filtering slowly up to the lights a guy in his Silver Nissan Navara towing a trailer opens his door as I go past, :censored:fortunately I didn't hit it,I moved to the right lane and held back at the next set of lights to have a chat to him but he wouldn't come up to me.
    This happened in the Dandenong South area so be aware, unfortunately I didn't get his rego.
    He obviously enjoyed the Supercheap ad.](*,)

  2. MOD edit
    We do not condone violence
  3. Why would you do that?
    If he hit him then yeah, but thats a pretty rash action considering you don't know all the factors in the situation...
  4. I agree with cronus to a point if he actually got hit but i would of tried to talm to him as op said
  5. Dandy can be a bit special to ride or drive though - had a friend get tasered driving through there once, other driver got out of their car walked up and did it.

    Once I was spliting up latrobe st in the city on a friends bike and had a guy in a hatchback open the door on me - then close the door and serve out of my way just as I passed.

    Got to my friends house - he comes out laughing and asks how my ride was - I verbally exploded, sailors would have blushed. It was one of his friends in the car....
  6. this is why friends are overrated.
  7. hahaahh.

    is it illegal to open doors in traffic? discussing this issue with someone once (i think at a coffee night, iirc), you could hit them slow speed n break the door (hopefully not your bike!) and, technically, you would not be at fault.

    im not sure on this and preferably wouldnt ride into someone, though :p
  8. i got a side mirror last week on the way home from work in the pouring rain, it went like this.

    i was coming up Webster Rd and the traffic was backed up like a Barbie Doll in the dunny so i filtered a couple of meters till i got to a spot where there was a truck in the left lane and a bus in the right, so i just pulled into the left lane just in front of a car (if i have to stop when filtering i always pull into the left so the car driver can see and hear me right in front of him lol). after a couple of minutes of sitting in the rain water pooling in my crutch glasses and visor fogging up the truck driver see me beeps his horn and pulls over to the left, bargain i give his the thumbs up stand up on the let the crutch dam drain and then start to filter up the traffic again. it was great when ever i got near a spot where my bike was to big to fit the cagers pulled over a little to let me through. every thing was going great 2 k's of traffic behind me and about 1k till the intersection when this wanker in a 4wd Patrol/path finder type thing seen people moving for me so i could get through i was only doing 10kph when i went past his car he turn his wheel right and let the clutch out to make the thing lung out me. i dont know if it was fluke or freak out but i twisted my right wrist giving me just enough power to bounce off his side mirror and keep going.

    the only thing on my bike to hit was my left side mirror and it just folded in letting 4wd go past with out any damage to it, but going by the way he started screaming i think it broke his lol.
  9. Not sure if opening doors is illegal, but filtering is. Touche'
  10. Negative. Filtering is not explicitly illegal. They can get you for other things that you do in the course of filtering, however.
  11. Opening doors into passing traffic, regardless of the circumstances, certainly is illegal. The onus is on the person opening the door, both passenger and driver, that the door does not open into the path of a moving vehicle or pedestrian.
  12. As far as insurers are concerned, taking a person's door off is always the fault of the door owner. It is one of the three automatic fails:
    1) Rear ending someone: It is the person who hit the rear who is at fault;
    2) Reversing into someone or impacting a reversing car: It is the reverser who is at fault;
    3) Losing/damaging a car door: It is the person opening the door who is at fault.
  13. Nar, they whinge if they get a scratch on their city 4wd.

    Take it offroad ya twats. Its made for it.
  14. A couple of weeks ago I was filtering and there was a scooter doing the same thing about 2 car lengths ahead. The first bike goes past a 4wd and then the f***tard opens his door in front of me and sticks his head out to spit. I was only going slowly and stopped easily. I don't think he did it delibrately, because if I didn't stop in time my bike would have gone straight into his head. But how stupid do you have to be to open a door in the city without looking 1 second after a bike passes you! I really should have blasted my horn straight into his face.
  15. XLA: I just dont understand people sometimes i know no one like to be sitting in traffic but hell if ur gonna pull and act like that you deserve what u get apparently theres no such thing as common certacy anymore.
    and he's the kinda guy that will blame it on the bike to all his mates, heres hoping these douche bags do it to an undercover copper sometime, they wouldnt feel so smart then