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"doook dok dook dook doook" . . . . translates to

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mickyb V9, Nov 2, 2006.



    Have a good one champ !
  2. ummm yeah that's what I thought it meant...

    Happy Birthday Ferret.
  3. i guess you had to be there.
  4. WHAT THE??????????
  5. must be a Sydney thing....
  6. Ferret (sean), owns ferrets !
    You know, those rodent like things that bite !

    If you hear one, thats the sound they make !

    dook, dook, dook !

    Well, according to Sean anyway !!!
  7. :LOL: thats funny.

    happy birday mate :birthday:
  8. thanks guys. it is a shame the weather was crap on my birthday so no riding.

    DOOK DOOK!!!

    to all
  9. Hippo birdy Ferret!!!