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Doonx's Sth Gippy ride ( Sunday 15 oct) Report

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by PNUCKLE, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Doonx: Hey Deano i saw a great rd in sth Gippy i want to try.

    PNUT: Yeah im happy for ya dude.

    Doonx: Dunno what its called but looks good on the map

    PNUT: No worries when are we going?

    (turns out to be Grand Ridge rd)

    Doonx: Sunday

    PNUT: Cool. I'll show ya some roads out that way bud

    Get to Stewy's house warming and Doonx has more people invited.

    Met at Macca's in Cranbourne and off we all went. Me, Doonx, Catarse & Cadbury.

    Off up the hwy to Lang Lang through Poowong (past the CRAZY dog) onto
    Kurrumburra then on to Leongatha before we stopped at Mirboo nth for lunch


    Then we head off to Bollara to the shop at the end, do a u turn and back to Mirboo nth we go..( awesome road )

    Mirboo nth through Thorpedale to Trafalgar for a quick break and discussion of where to now.

    Off down the hwy till we get to the Noojee sign turn off then onto Noojee so Catarse could have a spot of..



    Then we headed off to Montrose and tormented the locals at Mt Dandenong where we fair welled Catarse and his better half Cadbury.

    Me and Doonx venture down the mountain to Ferntree gully rd where we seperate and head for our homes..

    Was an awesome day even tho we had a few sprinkles of rain at times. i did get video footage but the files are huge so i cant upload to youtube but will burn a couple of coppies.

    Thanx people i had a ball :biker:
  2. Anyone else unable to see the pics? :cry:
  3. yep pics don't work
  5. Are you 2 on drugs? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. I can see pics :) :p
  7. great report PNUT - The pics look good too !