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Doonx on Channel 2 tonight at 6.30

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Don't miss it :)

  2. What channels your channel two?lol, ABC?
  3. New time slot for Australia's most wanted! :LOL:
  4. cause there is another peter, they are calling him doonks!!!!

    next he'll be plugging netrider!

    1300 points go doonks
  5. o well , least he made it on the show!
  6. poor doonks :(
    good effort though mate!
  7. I had fun, was a bit nervous, stuffed up Rd 2, had a stab, got beaten on the buzzer a number of times. But hey, they called me "Doonks" :grin:
  8. I missed it because of work but it's on ABC2 on Thursday at 4pm. PVR will be "locked and loaded" as they say in the classics...

    A guy I know sometimes does the Brains Trust. He's a lawyer from around these parts and my daughter worked for him for a while (as well as he representing me over a couple of traffic matters some time ago, now).
  9. Bugger I only got to see round 1. I got the first 5 questions right and im not even a Kiss fan, then after that - forget it. I gather they got harder next round? Did you come 2nd or what? The panel of celebrities seems a bit pointless doesnt it- id rather watch the contestants. how funny was the chick with the books by Mary Stewart? was that her name?? What The ?? Good effort. good you got to mention the bike. Yay Peter!
  10. Bad luck mate, that would have been good fun!
  11. We were cheering for ya doonx :)
  12. I only caught the very end, mate, cos I was looking after the forum, while you were being a star. Proud of ya mate. How were the Groupies? Hope you got plenty.
  13. Haha I saw you as well. I didn't put two and two together until I saw this thread. I was cheering for you just cause you had a cool nickname.

    Everyone knows what you look like now :LOL:
  14. You are a handsome well hung stud, just like your brother mods. Never mind the critics.
  15. Mark Woods - my wife knows him. He's actually not a bad lawyer.