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Doonks down but not out

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Poor little Doonks had a small off tonight on his way to coffee,
    He's ok just shaken up just a wee bit.

    His bike little worse for wear but rideable , after a rough check over in the dark, besides some cosmetic damage and the front forks twisted in the tripple clamps.

    He can fill you in on the details but i rode it from the point of drop to coffee at Georgio's , where he had a nice soothing dose of caffine to calm him down after which Mrs Doonks ( Tam ) rode the beast home for him while he followed in her cage.


    Ps: the netrider help net still works, i got a phone call from Mouth on Knightriders phone advising me that one of our own needed help! talk about team work !!
  2. ooo not good.

    Glad Doonks is OK, hope you get it all fixed up soon.

  3. Doonks - hope you're not too shaken up and the bike is repaired asap.
  4. Doonks hope it didnt shake u up to much mate...its no fun coming off thats for sure, but lm sure you will be out there and riding again real soon
  5. Doonks, glad you are O.K. maybe the Fasta Pasta might have been a good idea after all....

    Again, glad you are OK and hope the coffee was real good.....
  6. Main thing is ya walked away Doonks, any off ya walk away from is a good one.... and Steve, you went from Beacie to Malvern for Coffee......it must be damn good....wonder what their Sunday morning double short black tastes like?
  7. Jeff is that a pay back, I went last week and the coffee etc.. is real good. One day we can head in together....
  8. Bugger mate :cry: glad to hear you are ok :). Hope you are back on your bike real soon.

    :D :D
  9. glad your ok mate , living is better , bikes can be replaced .
  10. <delurk>

    Thanks for providing all the support guys.
  11. Glad to hear your OK. Hopefully you got the ambo to take a look as suggested? Went to Georgios just after 9 to see if you or anyone else was stil there to see how you were, but no-one was there :(
  12. VTRBob to the rescue - via Mouth and Knightrider (me) (with a K Bob!!!!)

    Hope you're ok Doonks.
  13. Doonksey!! Glad you are OK mate. Metalwork will get patched up, don't worry. Main thing is that you are OK. BTW - Did you let the cager live??? :wink:

    Netrider help phone? Does that thing really exist or you are just fooling around?
  14. It sure does Roamer, if you ring anyone of us and they cant get out to help. sure as Across , they will ring around till someone is found that can!

    :) :wink:

    Ps: it not just netrider that do it, all fellow bike riders will bend over backwards to help a rider in need of help

  15. Not the best news to hear mate but certainly not the worst! Hope everything gets back to 100% quickly as possible :)
  16. Doonks

    Sorry to hear about the off. Hope you are not feeling too sore and sorry today.

    Wishing you and your bike a speedy recovery.
  17. Bad luck mate but don't let it get you down. if you can walk away it was a good one. :)
  18. Just saw this thread - sorry to hear about your off Doonks.

    Hope you and the mighty ZZR are back in action real soon. :D
  19. Sorry to hear about your accident Doonks. Good thing you're not hurt :)
  20. Thanks all, I really appreciate your wishes. Also want to thank Mouth, Knightrider's phone and VTRBob. I know I've only met those of you who I have met a handful of times, but it was very reassuring to know that on the back of that alone, I could make 1 call and had someone there to give me a hand.

    So, what the hell happened ?

    I was travelling South on Glenferrie Rd between Burwood Rd and Riversdale Rd, the traffic was completely stopped. I was in the inside (parking) lane travelling at between 40-45km/h and came up on a left hand side street (Urquhart St). The stopped traffic was not across the T intersection. As I came past the last car stopped before the open intersection a car that was on the other side (heading North) of Glenferrie Rd made a right hand turn into Urquhart St. He saw me and threw on the brakes, I did the same but the front wheel started to slide from under me to the left, caught a moment but then let go and down I went on the right hand side.

    The bike then slid into the front near side corner of his pulsar and slammed in under the plastic bumper bar, I slid a short distance but luckily did not hit anything but bitumen.

    I don't recall throwing the bike at all but I do know that I let go of the thing and was well off it by the time it hit the car. The driver said something like "my god you fell well" - Thanks for that !

    The bike's a bit of a mess, but as Bob said, it seems mostly plastic, therefore fixable.