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dooms day 21/12/2012. thought?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by abvc, May 30, 2009.

  1. yes

  2. no

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  3. i don't know

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  1. if you try searching for 2012 doomsday there are many articles stating so. mainly related with:
    -. end of Mayan's calendar
    -. solar system alignment on the milky way's gravity line.

  2. As good a day as any other. Will make the Christmas piss-up a good one ,that year, just in case.
  3. Are the Mayans still around ?? NO !!
    Looks like their doomsday has already come.
  4. Smells a bit like the Y2K rat to me.... LOL
  5. it's to do with projected sun (solar system) alignment with milky way (our galaxy) line not the planetary alignment
  6. better get out and get some riding done, then :roll:.
  7. What does that even mean? The sun can be seen as a point, so if the galactic centre is another point the sun is always on a straight line from the galactic centre. It might make a fraction more sense to talk about several planets aligning with one another and along or close to that line between the sun and the galactic centre, I guess. Or is something else intended? Haven't read the second link above yet, but the gravitation fields on the earth due to anything other than the sun and the moon is so negligible that no amount of alignment is going to do anything significant.
  8. i dont see the point in trying to predict the end of the world. if you predict it successfully, no one will be around give you a prize..
  9. i just read your post. the link i gave above should have a picture depicting the situation.
  10. well organise a group ride for us all so we can go out in style, or just enjoy another "oops" moment.
  11. Err:

    No it doesn't, it means more influence from the barycenters formed between our solar system or parts thereof and the mass at the centre of the galaxy. No direct effect on gravitational relationship between our sun and planets in our solar system. Gravity is a very direct physical relationship between two masses - "more gravity" in general doesn't mean everything is more drawn to everything else.

    CBF checking the rest of the details, but that's a pretty glaring mistake for a theory based on planetary physics.

    I love these doomsday theories. Too complicated even for the people who tend to propagate them, but interesting reading!
  12. Get the global naming and trademark rights to printing shirts with the words - I Survived 21/12/2012 ! :grin: . . .
  13. While I think of it, wouldn't 21/12/2112 be a more symmetrical date for doomsday? Guess you can't make everything a neat coincidence.
  14. hmm thats weird. I was personally assured just the other week that the world would end on 17 July '12, which really annoyed me, as I would graduate a month before the crunch, putting in all the effort for it all to be futile. however, this date seems to conflict with your date, so maybe il actually be able to do something with my degree for six months.

    Just ask the JW's. Apparently they have got it all worked out, date and time. They have had it all worked out four or five times now.
  15. There are so many glaring physics and conceptual errors in that site abvc linked, starting with the whole concept of 'sleeves' and continuing through the 'planets orbit in the plane of the ecliptic because that's where the gravity is the strongest' statement, that I place basically zero credence in anything it says. The link earlier in the thread that actually does the calculations on the gravitational force due to each of the planets bears out what I said: negligible compared to that of the Sun and the moon.
  16. This is disappointing, to say the least.

    I thought climate change was the end of the world.....
  17. it's not to do with gravity, it's the massive gamma ray once we are in the 'zone'. one probable effect is climate change.