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Doohan & Mamola at the PI GP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Garfield, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Both are confirmed, as well as Gardner. Pity they are only going to be doing "demonstation" laps and not racing in the period 5 races. Mick will be on the CBR1000 and Mamola a Ducati.

  2. What is Gardner on?
  3. Supposedly the same bike as Doohan. So I wonder who if anyone will get the ride in Period 5 on the bike prepared for him.
  4. What!!!!!! Doohan and Gardner on the same bike. Those 2 blokes are hardly mates. It will be a brawl for the front seat.
  5. che?

    not sure if you are being sarcastic or not. but most likely the same type of bike rog.

    Would be hilarious if doohan was dinking gardner though.:)
  6. Good on ya Paul.

    Glad to see there are some clear thinking, intelligent pax on this forum
  7. My satire is lost on you two.
  8. Always wondered - is it Ma-Moh-La or Mam-Er-La??
    Have heard different commentators use either.
  9. Lets ask him.
  10. It is Ma-Moh-La... HEHE!!! :LOL:
  11. You can ask him but I bet I know what he'll say....'call me Randy'.

    (any reason why this was originally removed?)
  12. The forum had a "melt down" this afternoon, I have noticed oodles of posts have dissappeared. I gather the system was restored to sometime yesterday afternoon, all posts inbetween have gone to "post heaven".
  13. They come every year and do demonstration laps every year, nothing different to any other year.
  14. Yeah, Smee. You are right.