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Dontdatehimgirl.com opinions

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Do you think its worth a look?
    Personally I think it is, its healthy to let it all out :grin:
    Practical usage... not so much. There arent enough posts on australian guys ;)

  2. i'm kinda in two minds bout parts of this one....i can imagine wanting to vent bout bad experiences (i've had enough to vent about).....and it could be nice to know who to watch out for (i wish i'd had someone tell me BEFORE at least two guys i can think of).....

    but some relationship experiences can be subjective - what works for me won't necessarily work for someone else.....

    and i'd hate to be profiled on a similar site. i'd be very upset if i'd hurt someone that much.......and rebuttals can come down to 'he said she said' and more dangerous words get said......
  3. What we need is a "Datethisguy.com" website and my face plastered on it. :p

    Okay... maybe not. :p
  4. It's too open to abuse , while its an idea to let someone know what they are getting into in one way , its way to easily abused by a jelous or vengeful ex g/f , or generally just someone you have pi*ssed off who wants to mess with you.

    The idea is good in principal and with some form of safeguards and policing it could overcome its shortcomings , but its just really not that effective in practice right now because its too open to abuse , and in this case it really could do some harm , what if you found your boyfriend (or g/f if the sites focus was reversed) , it would affect you and your relationship in some way or another (from giving you doubt to having you call it quits) but who is to say that what is posted is the truth and not a jelous or vengeful ex making things up?

    but thats just my opinion..
  5. but the abuse at this stage makes it more well known... I think that if they had more contributors they would put more effort into the site?
  6. More proof that it should be legal to shoot people that come up with this shit and torture people that frequent these sites ;)
  7. the larger the site gets the more easily it will be abused because things will slip through the cracks, the more content the site has the harder it will be to keep in check, and because it gets more known then you will just have the follow on effect of people creating the same abuses

    im sure most of the guys on there are complete wankers who do deserve it but you still have to think about that one innocent guy out of 100, id also hate to think about the innocent guy who takes out a law suit against the site for defomation of character and all of the mud slinging and name calling that would ensue , even if he won the case in the courts, in the court of public opinion chances are to 9 out of 10 people he is everything they have read about him will be taken as absolute fact because as we all know the media is always truthful *rolls eyes*
  8. Yeah it's worth a look- i actually know an ex that would be perfect for this site!!!
  9. It's bloody stupid !!!!!!! For just a couple of the following reasons....

    * How can anyone ever reform and make a fresh start.

    * how many nutcases are out there to make up shit.

    * You can find dirt on most people out there, some people will just let it all escalate in their own minds and either use it as an excuse to fcuk up themselves or have a break-down.

    * I think it's stupid that some dip-stick has even created the bloody thing!!!! :evil:

    * God I could take up 10 million pages telling people about the nut-bags that I have dated.
  10. ....Hell hath no fury....

    A potentially good concept wrecked by hateful, spiteful, bitter, twisted biatches, who could actually be happy if they put their energy into something positive instea of dwelling on their mistakes.......

  11. You'd better run....... :p
  12. Worst part about it is probably more guys hit this site looking for themselves than women do, looking for who to avoid!

    ....bit like idiotdriver dot com dot au.....
  13. Now as a biker idiotdriver.com may be more worth a look....... :bolt: (BM off for a look before long weekend blat....)
  14. Personally I think it would more "healthy" for some people to get on with their life!
  15. Thats what Ive got girlfriends for!!!!!

    Personaly i think posting on such a site is a low scumbag hatefull thing to do. If he's hurt you that bad why bring yourself down to his level.

    Being "unaffected" is a great form of getbackathim. If you really need It.

    I wouldnt even look at it. Surely you must trust your own judgement when it comes to meeting blokes or you dont deserve to meet em.
  16. wow. Gremlin85 and Johnny O nailed my opinion of the site. Way to open to abuse, not to mention there's evil buggers like me out there who would put mates faces up on there for a laugh. :LOL:
  17. well i'm safe i'm not on there yet! :wink:

  18. ooo top idea pics and number plates!
  19. I think it's hilarious... Not that I've looked at it lately, but when I did a while ago, I got a giggle.
  20. That's why I arced up about the ex posting stuff about me., and threatened to read it all.

    If an ex is saying something on the phone all is good. If it's in private emails it's less good (people can easily forward it). If it's public domain then the sky is the limit.

    I could read it just to confirm it's ok and cathartic (rather than abusive and libellous) but then I'd be prying into her thoughts and feelings (which is kind of voyeristic and wrong).

    BUT, If you dont check they could easily be defaming you and damaging your career prospects, your chance of future relationship success etc.

    It's a tough one - especially when you take into account the subjective side of relationship breakdowns - your ex would obviously have a different view of it than you do. (Unless of course you caught them using live eels as sex toys in which case I want the videoclip).

    As such, I've been struggling to toe the line that I would accept her posting about me a couple of times. Any ex- or relationship posts I make are very carefully vetted. If I put my mind to it (generally I rant and rave and call people lots of unpleasant stuff when im angry) I can be downright diplomatic.

    Comes from dealing with stupid people all day every day. :roll:

    Unless of course I'm wearing beer goggles, in which case I'll pick up on it in the morning, although by then it may be too late. Oops.

    As a general rule of thumb - if you wouldnt be comfortable with your ex reading it then DONT POST IT. Saves you arguments and supoenas.