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Don't you just hate it when...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dangerous_daveo, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. You get home from buying new riding gear, only to find the bloody ''if you rip me off i'll drop ink all over your new gear, and generally make a mess of it so you don't steal this item'' tag still attached as the dude in the shop forgot about it!

    Gahhh, lucky the bike is still getting repaired... I shall be checking all items before walking out next time.

    Ok, over it. Move along.

  2. happens on clothing all the time - happened to my DVD i bought just this week they hadn't unlocked it. wanted to watch it last night, so i just opened it with a knife. i don't care for the cases anyways, even though i do keep them, they're not essential.

    i too hate it.
  3. DVD unlocks are easy. Two magnets. Screwdriver. Done in about the same amount of time as it takes the store clerk to stick it in the machine. Makes you wonder why they bother. All it does is piss off the honest people when it doesn't get unlocked, and any DVD thief would acquire two magnets and a screwdriver to steal DVDs anyway, so, what's the point? Stop opportunists I guess.

    BTW, I worked out how to unlock them after the second time arriving home with a locked DVD. The first time I cut the case open, examined it, and was prepared for the second time.
  4. oh, the knife thing works fine. doesn't ruin the case, the way we did it :)

    will keep the magnets and screwdriver in mind for next time. there will be a next time, because i buy dvds fairly often! and i get it a few times a year (the locked thing)
  5. last time i bought a game from a retail store i got home and there was no dvd in the case :S
  6. man that's happened to me before too! i had to go back and grab my DVD... arseholes. i always buy them and then wanna watch them that night or the next, usually don't wanna go BACK to the DVD store... eugh f*uckers
  7. So how do I get the ink things off then???

    BTW, sorry for posting in wrong forum...
  8. probably more magnets? i have just cut them off a shirt and a dress before, or returned clothing to get it removed.

    looks like you should return it.
  9. Return it, I've had to before. It is also a lot easier whe you call them up first.
  10. Haha, fair call. I did think about going in there all shifty looking, then just pull out the recepit.