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Don't you hate.....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DRMAT, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. When you're riding to work, minding your own business and the car in the left hand lane decides they want to change into your lane on top of you. No real biggy because i'd seen her start to move and was already slowing down to get out of her way while on the horn. She took no real notice and moved over anyway with no acknowledgment that i was ever there.

    Then the lights ahead went red... "You beauty i thought, she is going to cop an ear bashing", pulled up next to her window and gestured for her to put it down, lifted my visor and lent down to unleash my tirade... only to see that she was one of our patients from the clinic... DOH! So a tirade turned into, "Hi how are you, see you soon!". I'll make sure to have a quiet word with her next time she's in on why one flash of the indicator, no mirror and no head check doesn't cut it!
  2. Could let her know when you see her next.
    '..remember when I met you at the lights? You almost killed me you silly BITC ..'
    Oh yea! you have to be nice cos she's your patient.

    I have to bottle alot of anger in working in customer service. So I know what it's like to try to be nice when you're fuming.
  3. Classic.

    I had someone merge onto me yesterday, who I beeped strongly. Looked into her rear vision mirror to see what the fuss was about, then continued to driving. No wave, not even looking nervous or sorry, just business as usual. biatch..
  4. Yep got one this morning. I kept my finger on the horn and she just kept coming.
  5. It's moments like these that make me really want to mount a truck horn or similar to my bike. At least then they can actually hear your horn: as can everyone else within a few hundred metres. With any luck, the embarrassment should discourage further attempts at manslaughter. :evil:
  6. dont you love it when there is a traffic jam as far as teh eye can see and you are doing 40 to 60 in the center lane...

    i think of those moments when merged upon by a witless driver...
  7. try this one

  8. I was in the middle of a 3 lane road and had a ute come right up my ass and tail me for about 50m at 70kmph before i turned around, shook my head, merged and got the hell away from there.

    I got about 50m ahead in the left lane and into another safety bubble and and saw him coming up in the right lane, tailing some small ford. I looked at him, he looked back and just shrugged!

    What an idiot!

    I had a friend who tailgates aswell and i told him off for it.

    Guess what he said.

    "Oh but my brakes are really really good"

    I no longer get lifts from him.
  9. Planning on putting one on as soon as I get my next bike :)

    If you're on the freeway and a truck is merging into you, no chance in hell will they hear our feeble stock 'meep meep'.
  10. Already on my shopping list, slugie. ;)
  11. rofl @ his brakes are really really good. I had a mate who drives like a total utter fcuk wit also.. so one day i convinced him to let me pillion him. we rode around for about 5 minutes when he screamed thru his helmet to let him off. I was not doing anything stupid so i wondered why the fcuk he wanted to get off... anyways i pulled over into a service stationa and asked him what was up.. he said to me that there is too many dickheads on the road and it wasnt safe.. i asked him what he meant and he started ranting .. i just looked at him a laughed he then realized he was pretty much explaining his own driving... now he is a little more careful and considerate when he drives.. moral of the story is i think the government shud make it compulsory for everyone who has a licence to get pillion before they get their licence just to show em how not to drive :p
  12. I have a Stebel Nautilus horn on my GS... calling it loud is like calling a 2,000 lb bomb a firecracker. It's great :grin:

    Not only does it get you noticed by traffic, it works wonders on people on mobile phones.

    You may however get tempted to honk it at people walking on the footpath, cyclists and people standing waiting around for a bus or traffic light to change, just to see how high they jump. ;)

    I bought mine off ebay for $45.
  13. Fantastic thing to do! I already have a list of people I want to do that to once I'm on full licence. God knows they need it.
  14. bwahahahaha. so gettin one of these hahaha.
  15. +1

    You can change peoples skin color with these!.
    Pedestrians jump
    Motorists turn pale.

    Only bad thing is - once I blasted a car driver, and his response was to jump on the anchors. Before he looked around. You have to be careful, cos you could cause an accident trying to avoid one!.
  16. Forgot the best one!.

    ride beside a car driver drinking their coffee, or putting on their makeup - give them a toot and watch what happens!.
  17. I had to lock up my wheels when a car pulled into my lane without looking. Instantly I wanted to let out some abuse.

    I gave them a good beep to make them realise what they had done, however i stopped at that. I also realised they had 3 very young kids in the car who I didn't want to upset.

    Still, it's very hard to hold in your frustration.