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Don't you hate the waiting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MissionMan, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. New Ducati 659 ready to order with a Dainese jacket and Shark helmet to replace my 5 year old Nolan. Waiting on a commission check to put down a decent deposit so have to kill time while waiting for it and it should arrive any day now. The wait is killing me (as is the crappy public transport to get into the city).

  2. I dropped my bike for a service today, miss it already, and caught the train from heidleberg to city and out to home past dandenong, and yup its crappy, congested, claustraphobic and just plain eeeww.

    Congrats with the new bike! We need pics when you pick it up ;)
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  3. Nice stuff mate, make sure you post up photos when you get it!
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  4. There will be lots of pics although I may need to wipe the bike down with a rag to get my drool marks off the bike.

    Hate public transport with a passion. Smelly annoying people that talk too loudly...and that's just what they said about me, imagine what I think of them...
  5. Got the best coffee shops local to you scouted out?

    You know thats the most important part of riding a ducaaaaaaaaaarrrrrtiiiii

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  6. Damn, I missed that in the ducati sales pitch. Does that mean I have to get the overpriced ducati jacket, ducati gloves, ducati helmet, ducati sunglasses, ducati boots, ducati wet weather gear and ducati belt buckle? Or does that depend on which coffee shop you go to? :D

    Not quite sure i understand the appeal of coffee shops and bikes anyway. I've tried for ages to get a coffee cup holder for my monster but everyone looks at me strangely when I asked for it.
  7. you bought a dainese... i think you've got the overpriced jacket part cornered.

    besides, ducaaaaaaarrrrrtiiii riders normally don't wear anything more than a jacket because they are only going to the coffee shop ;) :D :D :D
  8. Hey! I you can say what you want about my jacket or my mom but I draw the line when you start insulting coffee shops. Melbourne's entire economy is built on overpriced latte's and scones. Its almost as sacred as AFL here! :D
  9. Congrats on getting the Monster from Ducati Meccanica. (y) I saw it when it first came out 2 months ago & even posted about it. Awesome looking machine.

    Remember to post pics when you get it.
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  10. ONe thing about riding a ducaaaaaartiiii, I know you don't support collingwood 8-[

    they all have no money because they spend it all on tatts, smokes and booze. And none on oral hygeine :D :D :D

  11. Shows how little you know about collingwood supporters and ducati's.

    I know plenty who have ducati's. Of course, the fact that half of them actually stole their ducati's and the other half a drug dealers is beside the point, they do exist. :beer:
  12. so, which are you?

    a bike thief or a drug dealer?


    Choose your words carefully now. You'll get shot for one, and congratulated for the other on here :D :D :D
  13. I'm not a collingwood supporter so neither. I'm the poser coffee sipping guy
  14. With the sick sounding bike :D
  15. Normal, skinny or Soy milk? :D
  16. There is nothing wrong with cafe hopping on a Ducati. Melbourne has great coffee and why not ride around on your motorcycle in the meantime!